Nighttime Activities to Enjoy when You Visit Mammoth Lakes

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop when you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes. If you prefer to enjoy your time here in a more relaxed setting during the later hours of the day, you’re in luck. Continue reading to discover some of the fun things you can do in Mammoth Lakes at night, brought to you by the friendly staff at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for all the equipment you need to have fun in the Mammoth area, whether it’s fishing tackle, mountain biking accessories, or Mammoth snowboard rentals.

Overnight Camping

There are plenty of places where you can camp in Mammoth Lakes during the day and overnight. The Mammoth Lakes Basin is a great place to camp if you prefer easy access to nearby hiking trails, which you can certainly explore during the cooler hours of the evening as night falls. Campgrounds within the Mammoth Lakes Basin include:

• Lake Mary Campground
• Coldwater Campground
• Twin Lakes Campground

Date Night Fun at Various Local Spots

Nighttime is a good time to relax and unwind for a date night with someone special who may be coming with you to Mammoth Lakes. Depending on your preferences, possibilities for date night fun in the Mammoth area include late-night bowling and dining at restaurants here with late hours.

Scenic Evening/Night Drives

As the day winds down, you can always go for a scenic evening drive throughout the Mammoth Lakes area if you’re not yet ready to turn in for the night. Either use your own car or rent one when you get here and make your way along scenic routes at a casual pace. For example, the Mammoth Scenic Loop is a perfect place to check out the moonlit eastern Sierra forest while driving later in the evening or at night. Some of the other popular driving routes you’re free to explore at night in this area include ones along:

• Minaret Summit Road
• Lake Mary Road
• Highway 395
• The June Lake Loop

Wining & Dining

Treat yourself and other adults who may be coming with you to Mammoth Lakes to a night of wining and dining. There are many bars, taverns, sports bars, lounges, and restaurants within Mammoth Lakes and nearby areas that offer impressive menus that include equally appealing wine and cocktail options. Many of these places have operating hours that extend into the night.

Golfing as the Sun Goes Down

The Sierra Star Golf Course in Mammoth Lakes gives you an option to play golf later in the day and into the evening as the stars become visible while the sun sets. After 5 p.m., you’ll be able to play a shortened five-hole game. Greens passes that give you this option can be purchased online before you get to Mammoth Lakes.

Fishing Later in the Day

Mono County, where Mammoth Lakes is located, doesn’t specifically allow fishing at night. However, it’s still typically possible to fish here later in the day until around sunset. During early and midsummer, this can mean being able to fish well into the evening, since the sun sets later at this time of year. 

When you visit Mammoth Lakes, you’ll find a ton of fun things for the whole family to enjoy at night. While you’re here, stop by and see the friendly team at ASO Mammoth. Whether you need mountain biking gear, fishing licenses, or ski rental in Mammoth, you’ll find everything you need at our store. Drop by on your way to the lakes, or you can give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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