5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Fishing Trip to Mammoth

When it comes to planning a fishing trip, you’ll find Mammoth provides some of the most picturesque views and well-stocked bodies of water you can find. For many avid fisherfolk, fishing in Mammoth is an event to check off their bucket lists. Or you might just want to try something new to break up your time cycling on the trails. Having an awesome fishing trip is as easy as following these tips from the pros at ASO Mammoth, your year-round one-stop shop for everything from fishing equipment and licenses to mountain biking gear and Mammoth ski rentals. These suggestions will get you from the initial planning stages to that awesome moment when you bring in your first catch of the day.

1. Pick Your Method

Mammoth Lakes is known for being a fly fishing paradise that’s filled with beginners and experts alike. While you can trust you’ll have luck with a fly rod, you might also want to try a spinning rod. Either way, knowing how you’ll want to fish will help you plan the rest of your trip.

2. Use the Right Bait

In Mammoth, you’ll find several species of trout throughout the lakes and waterways. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are common, and you’ll want to be prepared to attract them to your lure. If you’re using a spinning rod, try tying on an inline spinner or spoon. Fly fishing works great with wooly buggers. Salmon eggs are another go-to bait many people find success with when fishing in Mammoth.

3. Pack for a Successful Day

With Mammoth’s well-stocked lakes, you can bet you’re going to reel in a good catch. Make sure you’re fully prepared by packing a net to catch heavier trout that’s caught on a thinner line. Bringing along a pair of forceps to get the lure out of the fish’s mouth is also a good idea. Avoiding painful scratches on your hands helps you keep on casting and reeling the fish in.

4. Get Your Fishing License

As with most places, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully legal before you start casting your bait into the lake. Everyone 16 years of age and older will need a license. Both residents and nonresidents can choose to purchase annual licenses. If you’re a nonresident planning a short-term vacation, you can pick up a one-day, two-day, or 10-day license to fit your needs.

5. Visit Your Local Gear Shop

Every good fishing lover will tell you that you should always talk to the locals before you head to a new fishing location. Your local gear shop is staffed with people who are knowledgeable about fishing in the area. They’ll make sure you know how to comply with the local fishing regulations, and you can find out about the current water conditions and fishing reports. If you take their advice about what gear and bait to use, you’ll have the best possible chances for enjoying a fresh-caught fish dinner that night.

Whether you’re looking for fishing gear, mountain biking equipment, top-notch ski repair, or high-quality snowboard rentals in Mammoth, ASO Mammoth is your one-stop shop for everything you need to have a great time while you’re visiting Mammoth. Stop by on your way to the lakes, or give us a call at 760-965-3444. 

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