7 Families Who Will Inspire You To Travel

It’s Mothers Day today and here at ASO Mammoth we’d like to salute the moms and families getting their kids outside to see the great outdoors.  We love having families come into the store to get fitted for their next adventure, we’ve even seen kids grow up over the years.  We felt inspired, so we curated a list of “cool moms” and families who travel with their kids.  They hike, climb, fish, fly, ski, snowboard and so much more.  Hopefully they will inspire you to plan an adventure with your family (and with us, of course) 😉

1. @christelle_rm 

     This expat French-Guatemalean outdoor enthusiast, based in Colorado, has passed down her enthusiasm for adventure to her adorable and talented daughters Emma and Sophie who do everything together from snowboarding to skateboarding, to making some of the funniest Instagram reels and content out there. Rocking LED butterfly wings and dinosaur costumes while doing handstands cruising down the mountain? Talk about cool! Her daughters have helped her learn how to snowboard and they now they do everything together. We hope one day they’ll come to Mammoth to visit! 

2. @Raewynngrant Rae Wynn-Grant, Ph.D.

    Rae Wynn-Grant is a conservation biologist, studying grizzly bears in eastern Montana, black bears in Nevada, and primates in the Congo. Wynn-Grant is also a National Geographic Fellow as well as the mom to her three-year-old daughter. Although Rae didn’t go on her first hike until she was 20, she made sure her daughter hit the trails by the age of two! So when Wynn-Grant discovered that she was the only black woman in her environmental studies classes at Emory University, she felt like “the only one starting from scratch,” and decided to share her knowledge on social media and online and of course with her family.

   She wants to show others that you can still achieve your goals and enjoy the great outdoors even if you didn’t grow up around nature. Working closely with the National Geographic Society, Wynn conducts field studies around the world to conserve wildlife. She and her daughter enjoy trips together, nature hikes and travels, and their local community gardens.

3. @ChasingSage Robert, Samantha, Sage & Torin


Robert and Samantha, 28 year old parents to daughter, Aubrin Sage (an Instagram-famous snowboarder!) and son, Torin Cade, have a fantastic social media presence. We knew they were “cool” parents when we found an article on their blog about how to train toddlers to snowboard. Both have full time careers as an architectural designer and nurse, respectively.  The family of four travels as much as possible regionally, nationally, and internationally and documents their travels on their blog and Instagram. Another great article on their blog details how they “Blend Parenthood with Adventure” and lists out the detailed preparation it takes to travel with kids. Resourceful, educational, and oh-so-cool, this adventurous family lives by a “less-more-mentality” and even built their own tiny-home!

    They share a love of wild places with their daughter and it has lead to a “slew of memorable experiences each attached to a healthy dose of caution, a bit of uncertainty and a lot of preparation, yet always resulting in an incredible amount of satisfaction, pride and increased confidence.” An excerpt from their blog:

We accompanied friends to a remote MID-WINTER HUT ESCAPE, snowshoed to spend a night in a WINTER WONDERLAND FIRE LOOKOUT, Slept as a family in the back of our Subaru Forester in the mountains, traveled to Oregon to be on the ‘path of totality’ for our first solar eclipse, spent three weeks ROAD TRIPPING ACROSS THE COUNTY when Aubrin was 7 weeks old, experienced the NORTHERN LIGHTS IN THE NORTH CASCADESCARRIED AUBRIN SNOWBOARDINGEXPLORED JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK, stayed in an OFF GRID STONE CABIN WITH A WOOD FIRED HOT TUB and traveled to spend a few nights in a FIRE LOOKOUT WITH A VIEW OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN !

Chasing Sage Family

4. @JessGee – Jessica Gee & The BucketList Family

     Jessica Gee, Adventure Mom, Captain, and CEO of @thebucketlistfamily, has led one wild life! Married for 12 years to the love of her life and mother to three very cool kids, she and her family have traveled the world together for 3 years, visiting 65 different countries as a family. Woah, is right! The Gee family, according to their website is an “average family working from all around the world as Family Travel Journalists!” Their Instagram and YouTube channel called, The Bucket List Family is how millions of people keep up with their adventures every day.

    How did they start traveling? Garrett Gee, Jessica’s husband and Co-Captain of the BucketList Family, sold an app he and his team built while attending college in Utah and they decided to sell everything and take the leap. They traveled for three years and visited countries including New Zealand, Tahiti, Chile, Tanzania, Switzerland, and so many more.

   An excerpt from their blog:

We gratefully remind ourselves on the daily and continue to humbly work hard and remember, it all started by making the decision to step outside our comfort zones, step way outside the norms of society, and follow our hearts for what we felt would be the best path for our family.

5. @Chelsea.Jean & The Aaron Family

Chelsea Jean - Traveling Family of 6

    Mother of six (yes, six!), Photographer, Blogger, and Family Traveler, Chelsea Jean “grew up with sandy shores and sun kissed days.” She lives in Hawaii on the island of Maui with her husband and six children who all have a wonderful sense of adventure! Skateboarding, surfing, hiking, climbing, and more, these kids were born to travel and explore! They all have a deep desire to connect with this world around them and Chelsea’s talent for photography gives us the opportunity to see their adventures first hand. They’re also very health-conscious; you can see the kids snacking on fruits and veggies on the beach after a long day of surfing. Together they do everything!  Check out their youtube channel to catch them watching the sunset, taking pictures, skateboarding, traveling, shell hunting, and spending time together.

 6. @ExploringLegacy

   This family is worldly, cultured, and thrives in showing others how to explore the journey of cultures around the world, their roots being West African.  After taking DNA kits, the Anderson family decided to leave everything behind and travel the globe, visiting countries including West Africa, Egypt, England, Ireland, Scotland, and India; Ike and Natalee, the captians of the ship, mapped out 16 countries in 14 months – talk about a trip!  On the road, they homeschooled kids Manni 13, Jasmine 12, Kaylee 10, Layton 7, who thrived, learning how to travel and gaining firsthand experience.  The Andersons’ company, Your Healing Experience is for people who want to explore the journey of West African culture. Ike explained in an interview:

My rite of passage affected me so much, I wanted to share the experience with others.”

7.  2 Travel Dads

This family is a breath of fresh air and fun in the sun. An adventurous life through the eyes of two boys and their dads, expect fishing, blue seas, snorkeling, hiking, and boisterous exploring (mind the pun!) They travel the great United States often and thoroughly, documenting their adventures for the rest of us to enjoy, so check their Instagram out!

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