5 Ways Mammoth Visitors Can Stay Safe & Avoid Crowds

Mammoth Mountain is open for skiing and other activities in 2021. While this is certainly great news for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s still necessary to be mindful of COVID-19 guidelines, one of which is socially distancing whenever possible. To help you achieve this goal as you plan your trip to Mammoth, here are five tips for avoiding crowds and staying safe as you enjoy your time here.

1. Get Your Rental Equipment in Mammoth Village

The lodges near ski/outdoor areas directly in Mammoth Mountain have equipment for rent. However, because of this convenience, they also tend to be fairly crowded. Avoid crowds and get what you need for your planned outdoor fun at a Mammoth ski rental shop such as ASO Mammoth or one in Mammoth Village, which is located right at the base of the gondola and usually not as crowded as the lodge rental areas. Another option is to simply bring everything you’ll need with you, which can be sensible if you regularly visit Mammoth or similar locations.

2. Consider Weekday Visits

Even during the pandemic, it’s still common for more people to head to Mammoth on weekends rather than weekdays. This is why it’s often much easier to avoid crowds if you visit during the week whenever it’s possible for you to do so. In fact, the Mammoth website recommends coming to visit midweek for reduced crowds. This is also when you’ll likely find better rates and deals.

3. Buy in Advance, Plan Ahead, & Explore June Mountain

Because of pandemic-related concerns, you can only purchase lift tickets in advance for Mammoth. Daily tickets are also limited. Use this to your advantage by planning ahead as much as possible when you buy your lift tickets or passes. On a related note, Mammoth lift tickets are valid at nearby June Mountain. If you’re finding some Mammoth areas a bit too crowded for your comfort, make your way over to June Mountain to check out what’s available at no extra cost.

4. Embrace the Less Challenging Areas

Even if you’re already an experienced skier or snowboarder, consider gravitating toward less challenging areas when you’re at Mammoth. For one thing, these areas tend to be less crowded, since it’s not uncommon for some visitors to automatically assume such areas are only for kids or beginners. Also, you’ll be rewarded with more time on the mountain. What’s more, having fewer obstacles and geographic challenges often means there’s more open space to use and enjoy. This advice also applies to hiking/biking trails and other outdoor activity spots in the Mammoth area.

5. Use the Ikon Pass App

If you’re an Ikon pass holder, use the app that comes with the pass to plan ahead and avoid crowds. It allows you to do this by picking your destinations ahead of time. You can also skip lines when it’s time for a bite by using the app to order lunch from The Outpost, a popular local eatery.

Your trip to Mammoth can be safe if you use common sense and follow safety protocols. Staying safe also means minimizing injuries, so make sure to start with high-quality equipment that’s fitted properly. ASO Mammoth is the place to go for snowboard rentals in Mammoth, ski gear, and safety tips from the experts. We have everything you need to make your trip a memory to treasure. Drop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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