How California’s 2020 Wildfires Have Affected Mammoth Lakes

Californian’s and the people who love to visit here are used to wildfires between the months of July and October. However, the 2020 fire season stands above all others as the most destructive due to millions of acres burned, dangerous air quality, and damage to homes and businesses despite only being midway through September. There is plenty of news about the 2020 fires, but the ASO team has decided to focus on how Mammoth Lakes has been affected so far in case you’re a local looking for resources or a visitor trying to decide whether you should cancel your trip.

Check it out below and stay safe by following all official fire orders and guidelines!

The Creek Fire is Currently the Closest to Mammoth Lakes

The Creek Fire is Mammoth Lakes’ biggest concern at the moment. As of now, the Creek fire has burned 248,256 acres and is 20% contained. Although there is no evacuation order for Mammoth Lakes at the moment, there is unhealthy air quality and low visibility in town. The direction, containment, and danger of the Creek Fire could shift based on weather, so we’ve listed a few of the best resources to keep track of the fire below.

The Creek Fire Incident Page

The Town of Mammoth Lakes’ Creek Fire Page

The U.S. Forest Service’s Sierra National Forest Facebook Page

The town of Mammoth Lakes also has a recent Creek Fire community presentation posted on its Facebook page where the men and women in charge of keeping the area safe discuss the current status of the fire. You can access the presentation here.

The National Parks and Forests Near Mammoth Lakes Are Closed

Although the Creek Fire is not currently threatening any national parks, the unhealthy air quality and high fire danger has caused Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Park to close until further notice. At this time all national forests in California are also closed for the same reasons.

You Should Not Visit Mammoth Lakes Until Further Notice

As much as the Mammoth Lakes community loves sharing its forests and mountains, the fire danger is simply too great for visitors. Wildfires can shift directions and increase in intensity quickly which could result in evacuations. Simply put, the fewer people in the area, the fewer people the local authorities need to secure and account for. If you are already in the area, then please follow all fire safety guidelines. You can find out more about the current fire restrictions in effect here and keep an eye out for when it is safe to visit Mammoth Lakes with the resources above.

Despite how much land has been burned so far, rest assured that there is and always will be more for you to enjoy when it is safe. The team here at ASO Mammoth will be the first to welcome you back when that time comes!

There is Currently No Evacuation Order in Place for Mammoth Lakes

Fortunately, the Creek Fire has not become dangerous enough for Mammoth Lakes to be evacuated and it is not expected to do so either. However, the path of wildfires could change quickly, and an evacuation could be necessary. You can sign up for notifications about evacuation orders with CodeRed here.

You Can Help Even from Afar

Even if you’re not a firefighter, you can still contribute to containing and preventing wildfires. We’ve already mentioned that you should not travel to Mammoth Lakes, but if you’re already in the area then do not go near fires in order to see them or fly drones nearby. Doing so interferes with the authorities’ ability to fight the fires and puts everyone in danger. Also, remember to follow all fire orders and guidelines!

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