How the 2020 California Wildfires are Affecting Mammoth Lakes for the Weekend of 10/02/20

The ASO Mammoth team is happy to report that we’ve seen progress this week as the containment of the Creek Fire increased and firefighters were able to make progress around the fire’s western and southern edges. We are only at the beginning of October though, so we are far from out of the woods with the 2020 fire season.

To help you stay up to date on how the 2020 California wildfires are affecting Mammoth Lakes, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a brief summary of what’s happened this week and what you can expect for this weekend. Check it out below and use the resources we link here to stay on top of the fires all week long!

The Creek Fire’s Containment is Growing

Like last week, the hard work of the men and women fighting the fires paid off as the Creek Fire was further contained. This week, the same thing has happened with containment growing to 44%. However, just because the fire is further contained does not mean that it is safe. As of now, the fire is being hindered by bare granite in the area that offers the fire little chance of ignition or spread. If the winds change though, the Creek Fire could intensify and spread, so stay up to date on the fire with the resources we’ve listed below.

The Creek Fire Incident Page
The Town of Mammoth Lakes’ Creek Fire Page
The U.S. Forest Service’s Sierra National Forest Facebook Page

Public Lands Around Mammoth Lakes Are Closed This Week

Due to the forecast for continued hot and dry weather, the U.S. Forest Service has decided to close the Inyo National Forest until October 8th at least. After the 8th, the forest’s status will be reconsidered based on conditions and the available resources. The Sierra National Forest also remains closed for now, but forest officials are monitoring conditions daily in the hopes of reopening the forest as soon as it is safe.

Please respect the closures even though there may be no active fires in the forests. Firefighting manpower and resources are in short supply due to the scale of California’s wildfires this year, so if a fire springs up due to human activity in a previously safe area then firefighters will have to be pulled from other places where they are critically needed.

Other National Forests that are scheduled to be closed until October 8th are:

  • Angeles National Forest
  • Cleveland National Forest
  • Los Padres National Forest
  • San Bernardino National Forest
  • Sequoia National Forest

Be Fire Safe Everywhere You Go

Thanks to the ongoing heatwave and dry conditions, most of California is at high risk for fires. We’ve already seen how devastating fires can be in these conditions, and even the great men and women fighting the fires have been stretched thin by the size of the 2020 wildfires.

Help everyone affected by the fires and the smoke by practicing fire safety wherever you are. Whether you’re in a city or cabin in the wilderness, do your part by suppressing all embers from flames and avoiding travel to areas that are near ongoing fires. Not only are areas with fires nearby dangerous, but the firefighting crews need unrestricted access to the roads to effectively fight the fires. Do your part by avoiding these areas and respecting all closures of public land.

If you do need to travel to an area that is near a fire or was recently affected by a fire then remember that there could be hazards in the road, so drive slowly and carefully.

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