Safety Tips for Mountain Biking at Mammoth Mountain

With nearly 100 miles of single track, Mammoth Mountain has all the berms, pavers, drops, and jumps mountain bikers of all skill levels crave. While you can certainly have many hours of fun mountain biking on scenic trails in the Mammoth area, it’s just as important to do so in a way that’s safe. For this reason, we offer tips below on how to stay safe on the mountain biking trails at Mammoth. If you need additional safety advice or equipment before you head up the mountain, stop in and see the friendly staff at ASO Mammoth, the one-stop shop for MTB rentals Mammoth visitors trust for high-quality gear and premier service.

Choose the Mammoth Trail Suitable for You

Stay safe when mountain biking at Mammoth by choosing the appropriate trail for your skill level. You can always work your way up to more advanced trails, but you’ll have a much safer time achieving this goal if you get acclimated to terrain you’re comfortable with first. Plus, the nature of the Mammoth trails makes it fairly easy to practice and improve at a steady pace. Examples of trails for mountain biking based on skill level at Mammoth include:

• Discovery Zone – If you’re fairly new to mountain biking or bringing younger, newer riders with you, Mammoth’s DZ is a great place to safely get started.

• Off the Top – One of the intermediate-level trails, this one takes you along the west side of Mammoth Mountain from the top to the gondola.

• Twilight Zone, Skid Marks – Offering plenty of drops and other challenges, these are two of the more advanced mountain biking trails at Mammoth.

Wear a Properly Fitting Helmet

Even when you’re on a trail that matches your skill level, it’s still possible to take an occasional tumble. Minimize the potential for serious injuries if this happens by wearing a helmet that fits securely and comfortably. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, helmets reduce the risk of brain injuries by more than 30 percent, head injuries by nearly 50 percent, and facial injuries by almost 30 percent.

Wear the Right Riding Apparel

As for what to wear when mountain biking to stay safe, the recommendations typically include two layers of shorts. The first one is usually padded or fitted shorts—commonly referred to as “shammies” or “chamois.” The second layer suggested is often a pair of looser cargo-type shorts. Wrap up your mountain biking attire with a comfortable mountain biking jersey or a moisture-wicking top. For other accessories that can keep you safe as you bike while visiting Mammoth, consider:

• Long socks to protect your exposed lower legs
• Gloves to help with your grip on the bike
• Glasses, goggles, or sunglasses to protect your eyes

Note: Earbuds aren’t recommended, since it’s easier to stay focused on the trail without such distractions.

Remain in Control as You Ride

Speed is one of the more thrilling aspects of mountain biking at popular destinations like Mammoth. However, you can find yourself going much faster than anticipated if you lose control. Stay safe by paying attention to your sense of balance and control while riding. If you feel like you’re losing the ability to navigate the terrain safely, stop for a moment to reorient yourself and your bike.

Consider an Electric Mountain Bike

If you need some extra power to stay in control of your bike, consider a pedal-assist electric mountain bike. With eMTBs, an electric battery kicks in when some extra pedal power is needed. Incidentally, these bikes aren’t just for beginners. They can be used by mountain bikers of all skill levels.

It’s time to grab your bike and hit the trails! Don’t let your trip be ruined by getting injured because you failed to use common sense and follow safety guidelines. If you need advice on Mammoth’s best trails, high-quality biking gear, or any other aspect of Mammoth Mountain biking, stop by ASO Mammoth. We have everything you need to make your biking experience a memory to treasure. Drop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

Fresh powder will be covering the mountain before you know it, so if you’re heading to the slopes this winter, make sure to stop in and see us if you need advice on snowboarding safety or you’re ready for top-quality ski rental in Mammoth.

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