Dump Alert Hitting Mammoth Thursday into Friday Morning

We’ve got a DUMP ALERT!

The expected forecast for this week is snow, snow, snow! With weather temperatures dropping throughout the week and up to 70{7935997247062b39bae37c32739e6826e3f85b2ba1452bb0a9dae411111d7e20} precipitation, we’re expecting a fresh layer tonight into tomorrow morning.

Expected temperatures tomorrow will range from a low of 9 degrees Fahrenheit at 1am in the morning to high of 20 degrees Fahrenheit by the mid-afternoon. If the frigid temperatures don’t get you, the wind chill might. Starting at 6mph in the morning, then maxing out at 22mph by 10am into the evening, be sure to bundle up!

For all of you ski bums, boarders, and pass holders, nobody would blame you if you start your weekend early and hit the mountain before the crowd does!

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