Where Can You Purchase Discount Lift Tickets for Mammoth?

At Mammoth Mountain, snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoe hiking are popular during the winter, and hiking and mountain biking are the best activities for the summer. The lift gets you to various elevations of the mountain so you can enjoy whichever sports you choose.

The first place to look for deals on lift tickets is on the Mammoth Mountain website. Pricing is normally $32 for children, $65 for young adults and seniors, and $79 for adults. The 19/20 season starts on November 9th, and if you buy a ticket by November 8th, you can save 25 percent every day you use the lift. For multiple tickets, you can save up to an additional 20 percent. Shred 2 of 4 days and you save 30 percent, 3 of 5 days and you save 35 percent, 4 of 6 days and you save 40 percent, and five or more days you save 45 percent. If you bundle the lift tickets with your lodging, you can save even more.

Other companies offer deals for lift tickets as well. Just keep in mind these tickets are sold based on availability and may be a temporary discount. One place people may not think to look is Costco. They’re known for buying in bulk, but they do have great deals on lift tickets for Mammoth Mountain, and they’re only available to members of the club. You can purchase them online and wait in line at Mammoth Mountain to validate the e-ticket or just purchase them in-store and be all set. Costco tickets come with blackout dates, so make sure to keep that in mind and plan around them.

REI is known for outdoor gear and information for various hobbies. They also have deals on many ski resorts, including Mammoth Mountain. Like Costco, you’ll need an REI membership to get these deals. If you already love the great outdoors, it’s a win-win. Membership is only a one-time fee of $20. The deals on lift tickets have saved $100 per purchase and have included buying a lift ticket with a two-day already on it. They also have deals specifically for seniors and young adults. There are blackout dates with these deals as well.

One of the biggest names in lift ticket sales is probably Liftopia. They sell many deals for Mammoth Mountain lifts along with most other mountains. There’s a calendar on the website to easily show blackout days. You can take some time and decide which days would be best for your situation. This website even offers multiple ticket deals, such as 4 of 6 or 3 of 5. As with Costco online tickets, Liftopia tickets have to be received at the ticket window. Be prepared to stand in line and use your driver’s license to redeem your tickets.

If you need snowboard or ski rentals in Mammoth this winter, ASO Mammoth has you covered. Stop by our shop when you get to the mountain, or give us a call ahead of time at 760-965-3444 if you have any questions.

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