Corporate Patagonia Crew Takes Over Mammoth Mountain

This past weekend the Patagonia Corporate crew from the Ventura Headquarters packed up their Nano Puff Jackets and boarding gear, sardined as many people into vans as humanly possible and made their way up the mountain just in time for the storm!

The outdoor enthused company hosted this trip for their employees as not only a team building experience but to influence the staff the importance of opting outside.

Patagonia’s work culture encourages their employees to hike the hills behind the headquarters or surf during lunch breaks. They constantly strive to keep their employees’ minds focused, refreshed and back to their roots, with nature!

We were stoked that the frothing crew ventured up to Mammoth Mountain during epic conditions! With a fresh storm rolling in, we saw over 3 feet of snowfall that weekend.

Here are some statements from the Corporate Patagonia Crew on their trip:

“This was my first Mammoth trip and I’m already excited for next year” – Grady Marold

“I don’t know many other companies that organize a completely rad trip for their employees. It was everything I expected and more. I met new people as well as got closer to the group of friends I already had. I can’t wait for next year!” – Jami Murray

“It allows us to better understand the co-workers we work with on a daily basis and also provides a great opportunity to connect with people from other departments we may otherwise never interact with!” – Monique Martinez

“The trip is introspective because skiing itself is the concentration of focused work that helps you know yourself better. The trip solidifies the reality that we all share with the company and more than that, exposes you to new people and ideas many of which can only be found in such a beautiful place” – Javi

We were proud that Mammoth Mountain hosted such a reflective experience for the Patagonia workers and can’t wait to see you guys again next year!

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