The Best Sangria on Mammoth Mountain is at Mammoth Tavern

Nothing says spring like a sangria! 

We understand when choosing a restaurant or bar, it’s all about atmosphere, price, and of course the vibe! That’s why we recommend Mammoth Tavern. Not only does it have an exquisitely cozy interior with a sick bar set-up, but they run happy hour Tuesday through Sunday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

One of the most charismatic characteristics of Mammoth Tavern’s sangria is the way in which it’s made! The staff will normally have a large decanter filled with red or white sangria behind the bar topped with a variety of summer fruits! This homemade-backyard bbq style is not only beautifully represented but it gives you a sense of comfortability and nostalgia. You know a good sangria when you taste one, and trust us, Mammoth Tavern does too!

So stroll in to quench your thirst for a late afternoon. If you’re not feeling frisky, Mammoth Tavern’s happy hour menu is savory and sublime!

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