Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in Mammoth Lakes

With miles of trails and shorelines to run through, 100 lakes in the area to splash in, and forests full of the perfect sticks for fetch, Mammoth Lakes is heaven on Earth for dogs.

At ASO Mammoth we know how that a happy dog makes for a very happy owner, and it’s hard to imagine a better place for dogs than Mammoth Lakes. If you haven’t experienced Mammoth Lakes’ famous sunshine and lakes, then you owe it to yourself (and your puppy of course) to get up here and see what it’s all about!

Don’t worry if you’re visiting and are unsure of where your 4-legged best friend can enjoy all that Mammoth Lakes has to offer, because we’ve put together a list of dog-friendly hikes and activities for you to enjoy.

Check them out below and let the tail-wagging begin!

General Mammoth Lakes Dog Etiquette

While there is enough room to run in Mammoth Lakes to wear out even the most energetic dog, there are areas where a leash is required as well as other etiquette guidelines that ensure everyone has a safe day.

The biggest question you have is most likely where your dog must be on a leash and where they can be off. The general rule is that dogs must be on a leash in developed areas such as the paved Mammoth Lakes trail system, parking lots near trailheads, campgrounds, and within the town of Mammoth Lakes itself. For undeveloped trails, wilderness areas, and lakes dogs may be off their leash, but they must be people and pet friendly. Lastly, every member of your family should respect Mammoth Lakes’ awesome scenic beauty while playing in it, so pick up after your dog and do not let them disturb local wildlife and remember the same rule for yourself!

Sherwin Lakes

If your dog loves the water, then Mammoth Lakes has plenty of bodies of water that are perfect for splashing in. Sherwin Lakes is one of the best dog-friendly hikes in the area, especially if you’re willing to go the extra mile to get there.

The Sherwin Lakes trail runs for 3 miles at a steep grade, but if you make the hike you’ll have a postcard-like view of the two small lakes at the top with the soaring Sherwin Range on the horizon. Plus, the Sherwin Lakes trail is at a low elevation meaning it’s typically one of the first to be clear of winter snow.

Horseshoe Lake 

If Sherwin Lakes’ length and grade are more than you and your pup are looking for, then Horseshoe Lake is a great alternative. The trail itself is flat and loops are the lake it is named after with plenty of shoreline for your dog to run in and out of the water with the other dogs enjoying this lake!

McLeod Lake

If you like Horseshoe Lake but want to do some hiking, then Mcleod Lake is the perfect option for you and your pup! McLeod Lake is only a two-mile hike and is located near Horseshoe Lake in the lake basin.

Enjoy the best of Mammoth Lakes with the clear water, sandy shores, and scenic views at Mcleod Lake!

The Borrow Pit

Although this flat area (also known as Kerry Meadow) is used as a base for wilderness adventures in the winter, during the summer the flat and open landscape makes it the perfect place for your dog to wear themselves out. If you visit the Borrow Pit, make sure to bring water for yourself and your dog as there is none nearby.

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