What’s the Best Beginner Skiing Run on Mammoth?

Mammoth Mountain makes learning easy! With clearly marked bunny slopes in green, beginners have the ability to choose over 10 enchanting bunny slopes with simple terrain.

We would recommend Road Runner as our favorite beginner run, offering the easiest route down the mountain while also exposing new skiers and boarders to new terrain features. We like to recommend this run to beginners that are in the process of learning “what’s next” after the small bunny slopes. With a variety of new conditions, this run off the backside of the mountain is the perfect run for you to begin your beginner-intermediate journey. At first, the run may seem a bit intimidating, as Upper Road Runner is a bit intermediate, with a narrow path. As you get closer to the main stretch, you will hit Lower Road Runner where the run begins to flatten out.

If you’re not sure what run is best for your current skill level, ask a mountain attendant! They will be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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