What’s Cookin’ at The Stove in Mammoth?

The Stove is a Mammoth Lake classic! The traditional breakfast diner located on Old Mammoth Road has all the comforting qualities you have grown accustom to over the years in a breakfast restaurant.

For those of you searching for that old-fashioned charm, the townies will almost always recommend The Stove. Home to Mammoth’s “famous” french toast, The Stove nearly has it all. Providing hardier breakfasts such as eggs, stove potatoes and biscuits to healthier options such as egg whites, turkey sausage, and Greek yogurt.

The pleasantly rustic environment gives you that classic cabin vibe, from the beautiful wood benches to the homey chalkboard displaying the specials of the day. It’s the perfect restaurant to settle in, and enjoy a nice warm breakfast before hitting the slopes.

The Stove in Mammoth Lake City is a heavily recommended restaurant, so don’t overlook it!

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