5 Simple Items You Shouldn’t Step on Mammoth Mountain Without

When we are this deep into the off-season and only a few weeks away from Mammoth Mountain’s opening day, it’s easy to give into the impulse to grab your board or skis and hop on the first patch of snow you see.

No matter how excited you are though, if you aren’t properly prepared for a day on the mountain then you’re not going to be able to ride to your full potential. The team at ASO Mammoth has put together a list of items we think are key to having a long day on the mountain and being able to do the same thing the next day!

We could talk about ski and snowboard gear all season long, so for this list we’re focusing only on items you can fit in a backpack or pocket to make sure that everyone has the best day possible.


This seems like an obvious choice, but too many people either assume they’ll always be near a water source while on the mountain or simply won’t need it. Not only does dehydration affect your ability to ride for the entire day, but its effects are magnified when you’re at high altitudes. Mammoth Mountain tops out at 11,030 feet with the town center just above 7,500 feet, so staying hydrated is important during the entire time you’re in town.

Some people may assume that since they are at a ski resort and surrounded by snow that they will always have easily-accessible water, but Mammoth Mountain has more than 3,500 skiable acres meaning you could be far away from reliable water sources when you need them. Don’t assume that you’ll have water at all times, bring your own either in a bottle or camel-back and make the most of your day.

Mountain Snacks

Bringing your own snacks is a must for a few reasons.

Firstly, skiing and snowboarding is deceptively exhausting. While people may think that since you’re sliding down a hill you’re not really exercising, the truth is that you burn 300-600 calories per hour while skiing or snowboarding.

The second is that buying food on the mountain can be expensive, so limiting the amount of food you buy by bringing plenty of snacks is an easy way to keep your wallet smiling while you’re on the mountain. You’re going to want energy rich foods like granola bars and beef jerky that will keep you moving all day long, but whatever you like make sure you have plenty of it before you make your first turns.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips may not be a big deal to you now, but when you’re riding a lift straight into strong sub-freezing winds your lips will wish you packed some lip balm. Lip Balm is cheap and easy to find but can have a big impact on your day, so always pack some to make sure your lips survive.


Skiing and snowboard gear will always pick up a few scratches during a day on the mountain, but there’s always the possibility that a screw finally wiggles loose or a hard fall knocks something out of place.

This could mean the end of your day if you’re unprepared, but if you pack a simple multi-tool with you then you could save your, or someone else’s, day. Like lip balm a multi-tool is a cheap and easy-to-find tool that can make a world of difference on the mountain, so don’t hit the mountain without one.

Trail Map

Out of everything on this list, a Mammoth Mountain trail map is the easiest to get. Still, every day people rely maps at the base or top of the mountain and get lost somewhere in between. Don’t lose any time on the mountain trying to figure out which way to go. Grab a trail map on your way past the base of the mountain and keep it in a safe pocket. You probably won’t need it, but if you do you’ll be happy to have it!

From trail maps to ski and snowboard gear, ASO Mammoth has everything you need to have the perfect day on Mammoth Mountain. If you have any questions about gear or Mammoth Mountain stop by the shop on your way up and we’ll be happy to help!

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