Why ASO Mammoth is Proud to Carry Fischer Ski Boots

Learning to ski or snowboard consists of falls and frustration for everyone. As long as you don’t give up though, you will also have a moment where you feel in control for the first time as you slide down the slope and suddenly realize just how much is possible on the snow.

At ASO Mammoth we are committed to helping skiers and snowboarders explore all the possible ways to get down the slope by supplying excellent ski and snowboard gear. For that reason, we are proud to offer Fischer gear for sale and rent in our shop. To show you exactly what we mean, we’ve written a short guide to why we love Fischer below. Check it out and learn about an excellent brand!

The Best Fitting Ski Boots on the Mountain

If you’re going to explore what is possible on a set of skis, then you need to have absolute control of them. While control and responsiveness are affected by ski design, you control your skis through your feet. As a result, your boots and their design are vital to your experience on the slopes.

We love Fischer because they’re so dedicated to their boots being perfectly fitted to each user that they’ve added several adjustable features to every boot so that each one performs no matter the skier or their skiing style. For example, common features of Fischer boots are a removable tongue, adjustable fitting pads, and an adjustable forward lean. As a result, Fischer boots not only perform better, but they are also more comfortable to wear which means more time on the mountain for you!

person putting on ski boot

Fischer Means Comfort and Performance Over Everything Else

Although men and women both need ski boots that mesh perfectly with their height, weight, and riding style, designing a boot for one gender limits people’s choices of features, designs and sizes to one gender or another. Instead, Fischer has designed its ski boots with no intended gender so that everyone has access to the same features, designs, and performances no matter their gender.

Fischer also elevates performance by focusing on last volume. Ski boots are designed around their last volume, A.K.A their widest point. A wider boot would be made for someone who was a beginner or intermediate skier while a narrow boot would be made for more advanced skiers. Unfortunately, if you have wide feet and are an advanced skier then you may have a hard time finding a boot that matches your foot and skill under this system. Fischer’s Multilast System changes that by determining which boot is right for a skier by their last volume first, and then offering them boots designed around it and their performance regardless of gender.

As a result, each skier has access to the same options, designs, and performance as every other skier. Add that into the fact that Fischer ski boots can be fine-tuned to match the performance and needs of every skier who wears them, and you can see why we love carrying them and other Fischer products in our store. If you have questions about what Fischer ski boots can do for you or any of their other products, then stop by ASO Mammoth to talk shop!

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