Most Common Types of Skiing

Downhill skiing is generally considered the most popular type of skiing. However, there are some other types of skiing that rank high when it comes to popularity, so they’re also worth mentioning. Today, the snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, your go-to place for snowboard and ski rental in Mammoth, put the spotlight on downhill skiing and some other popular types of this snow sport.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is the type of skiing that involves getting onto a lift, such as the ones you’ll find at Mammoth Mountain during ski season. Once you get to the top of the mountain or at a high point where you can go downhill in a safe, enjoyable way, you simply ski down the slope. Resorts that specialize in this type of skiing usually have hills that offer varying degrees of difficulty, so you don’t need to be an expert to participate.

It’s easy to see why downhill skiing has the distinction of being considered the most popular type of skiing. It’s appealing for the following reasons:

• It’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise
• It’s a type of skiing people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy
• It’s a good way to boost your mood and confidence, especially if your goal is to work your way up to more challenging hills at a comfortable pace

Mammoth happens to boast the highest summit of any resort in California. If true downhill skiing is what you have in mind, you won’t be disappointed at Mammoth Mountain. You’ll also be rewarded with gorgeous views regardless of the elevation you prefer.

Telemark Skiing

This is a variation of downhill skiing, but the skis aren’t attached to the skier’s heels. You might prefer this option if you want more flexibility while skiing downhill.

Cross-Country Skiing

With this type of skiing, there’s no lift involved. Instead, you’ll be going up the mountain under your own power. You still ski downhill, but the run isn’t as steep as what’s common with downhill skiing. In addition, the skis are lighter, you’ll use softer boots than those normally used for downhill skiing, and your heels won’t be attached to the skis.

Freestyle Skiing

This is a more “showy” type of skiing where you do twists and turns in the air and other more demanding moves. It’s a competitive sport that involves things like jumps (“aerials”), choreographed routines, and skiing over bumps on the slopes.

Adaptive Skiing

Specially designed devices and other adaptive features are used in this type of skiing. It’s a modified form of skiing that has become increasingly popular in recent years among individuals with physical limitations. Mammoth does have adaptive ski devices, so feel free to contact the resort in advance to see what’s available if you’ll need this type of assistance.


This isn’t really a type of skiing, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. It simply involves standing on a single board instead of a pair of skis. However, you can easily couple snowboarding with skiing. In fact, many people learn to ski and snowboard at the same time.

For advice on any type of skiing or snow sports in general, drop by and chat with the pros at ASO Mammoth. We have everything you need to get started, including the latest gear and accessories. Our high-quality service includes making sure you have the best-fitting skis, boots, and bindings. Whether you need a professional wax for your snowboard or you’re searching for the best place for Mammoth ski rental, look no further than ASO Mammoth. We’re your one-stop shop for getting ready to hit the slopes in safety and style. Give us a call today at 760-965-3444.

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