Where to Find the Best Tree Runs at Mammoth Mountain

Maybe you’re looking for some powder that hasn’t been carved out by the crowds. Maybe you’re looking for a fun run but don’t have time to head to the top of the mountain to find it. Maybe you’re just looking for a little bit of solitude. No matter why you’re looking for tree runs, rest assured that Mammoth Mountain has plenty to offer for every need!

To give you a head start on getting lost in the woods, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list of places you can find excellent tree runs all over the mountain. To make things simpler, we’ve classified these areas by which lift is closest to them. Before you read any further, we want to remind you to always ride with a buddy, ride with caution, and brush up on tree wells and what to do if you or someone you’re with runs into one.

Cloud Nine Express

Although the top of Cloud Nine Express lacks trees, if you follow the lift back down you’ll soon see trees near Dragon Alley, Ricochet, and Goldhill. While these trees are good for quick fun, they’re probably not going to satisfy your need for trees.

The best areas for tree runs near Cloud Nine Express are found at Wazoo and Dragon’s Tail thanks to the steep incline and the lack of people willing to traverse far enough to get there. While these runs are not the most accessible, if you don’t mind a little traversing and possibly some hiking then you’ll be rewarded with excellent trees and features.

Chair 21

Although you’ll be tightly squeezed between Lost in the Woods and Wall Street, the woods to the left of Chair 21 offer easily accessible tree runs in the center of the mountain. In fact, you can access these trees from Chair 21, Gold Rush Express, and even Roller Coaster Express.  If you take Gold Rush Express then you’ll also have the trees between Lower Dry Creek and Wall Street as an option.

Although you definitely need some skills to ride these trees, their location makes them a quick option to push your riding if you’re still getting your feet underneath you and are not ready to head further up the mountain.

Chair 12

Like the trees off of Chair 21, the trees that run under Chair 12 are great options for riders who are still learning but want to experience riding off groomers. While more experienced riders may have a hard time finding terrain that fits their skills here thanks to how consistently blue this area is, for the most part there is a ton of fun to be had here.

The Hemlocks

The Hemlocks have all the trees, snow, and steep terrain of the tree runs off of Cloud Nine Express but also deliver a wide variety of natural features. Thanks to the incline and features, if you’re looking to get some air while riding trees this is the perfect place to do so.

While you must hike to get to the top of The Hemlocks, if you’re an expert rider or skier then extra effort will pay off big time and you’ll soon find yourself doing it all over again. Don’t just take our word for it, get up here and find your favorite Mammoth Mountain tree runs! When you do, stop by ASO Mammoth on your way up for all your ski and snowboard gear rentals, repairs, and purchases!

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