Buying the Right Snowboard Boots at Mammoth Mountain

There are many places to buy snowboard boots near Mammoth. When looking to buy snowboard boots, there are several factors to consider, including boot flex, laces, liners, and footbeds. The pros from ASO Mammoth, the premier place for Mammoth snowboard rentals and winter sports gear, offer the following advice about buying snowboard boots that are just right for you.


With snowboard boots, fit is important. While they should be tight, they shouldn’t cause pain. When buying your boots, make sure they’re tight, because it will them take a few days to form to your feet. Your toes should be able to move easily and still graze the toecap. The boot flex also matters. The flex of the boot is a matter of preference, but most park riders and beginners choose a soft flex. Mountain riders and freestyle advanced riders prefer a stiff flex. Keep in mind the boot flex changes among manufacturers. Most manufacturers have a flex rating between one and ten.


Lacing styles for snowboard boots vary. There’s traditional lacing, quick-pull lacing, and boa lacing. Traditional lacing loosens throughout the day but is still a favorite of most riders. The laces are easy to replace if damaged, and they allow a tailor-made fit. Quick-pull lacing is faster than traditional lacing, and it can be done while wearing gloves. These types of laces allow riders to tighten the forefoot and lower leg separately. The division of zonal lacing varies among manufacturers. The boa lacing system uses a dial attached to cords that tighten or loosen the boots, which can be done with one hand while wearing gloves. A boa coiler has a dial on the boot tongue. A double boa has an extra dial on the side of the upper boot. A triple boa has a second dial on the upper boot to control the lining.


Liners for snowboard boots are usually made of ethylene vinyl acetate. The liner is a vital part of the boot that provides stability, insulation, and cushioning. Depending on the manufacturer, the liners may be removable for speed drying. Moldable liners use body heat to mold to the foot shape. Heat-moldable liners are premium liners that offer a custom fit. It’s best to have a trained professional perform this type of molding. For increased comfort, use an orthopedic insole or a footbed that matches the shape of your foot.


Snowboard boots traditionally come in U.S. sizes. Your boot size changes the snowboard width you’ll need. A boot size smaller than a men’s 8 requires a narrow snowboard. Boot sizes between 8 and 10 require regular snowboards. Boot sizes of 10 to 11 1/2 require midwide snowboards. Boot sizes larger than 11 1/2 require wide snowboards. Socks should be synthetic or wool to keep your feet warm and allow water to roll off.

If you need snowboarding boots or any other type of gear before you hit the mountain, stop by ASO Mammoth. Whether you’re looking for high-quality ski equipment or the best place for Mammoth snowboard boot rental, our snow sports experts can help you with everything you need to have a great time on the slopes. When you’re in Mammoth, drop in and see us or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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