Opening Times for Ski Lifts at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain has 25 lifts with the potential to carry more than 50,000 passengers per hour when operating at full capacity. As impressive as this particular fun fact is, you’re probably more concerned about just when the ski lifts open at Mammoth if you have plans to come here and enjoy the abundance of fresh powder. Here’s what you need to know about Mammoth’s ski lifts as you make your plans for a trip to this popular California location, brought to you by the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, the place to go for high-quality Mammoth ski rental.

Seasonal Ski Lift Operation

Lifts for skiers become available for use when the ski season starts. Typically, ski season at Mammoth Mountain kicks into gear sometime in mid-November, although there may be early season starts if conditions are right. The lifts within the various ski areas here will continue to operate for the duration of the ski season. In some cases, this means into the late spring or even the early parts of summer. Again, weather conditions will determine when the ski season ends and lifts are no longer open.

Daily Ski Lift Operation

During the ski season at Mammoth, lifts operate daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, these times are subject to change based on weather conditions throughout the ski season. It’s best to check the status of the lifts before you head to your preferred ski area, especially if conditions are questionable.

Getting Updated Ski Lift Info

Visit the Mammoth website for a rundown of lift status during the ski season. There’s also an interactive trail map accessible via the Mammoth website you can use to view trail and lift status. Additionally, Mammoth has a free mobile app downloadable via the resort’s website. It provides real-time updates for lifts and trails along with weather info. The app can also be used to purchase tickets for the ski lifts or to reload your tickets.

Special Ikon Passholder Hours for “Early Ups”

If you’re an Ikon Passholder, one of the perks you’ll benefit from is gaining an extra hour of lift access on certain days. During any of these private event days for passholders, the ski lifts open at 7:30 a.m. What’s referred to as “early ups” are for Ikon Passholders only and not guests. Visit the Mammoth website for a list of early up dates for the ski season if you’re already an Ikon Passholder or planning to purchase one.

Getting Your Lift Tickets

Now that you know more about when Mammoth’s ski lifts are open for the season and each day, don’t forget to prepare to use the lifts by getting your tickets. With lift tickets, Mammoth gives you the option to make a purchase online, where you can choose ticket options that fit your needs. Lift tickets can also be purchased on-site at Mammoth. However, it’s often possible to find appealing deals if you get your tickets through the website before you arrive. 

Now that you know when to expect the ski lifts to be operating, plan ahead and prepare to have a great time at Mammoth Mountain. If you need high-quality snowboard or ski rentals in Mammoth, ASO Mammoth is your one-stop shop for all the equipment you need to have a great time on the slopes. Stop by on your way to the mountain or give us a call at 760-965-3444.