What Weather Conditions are Like at Mammoth Mountain Around Christmas

What Weather Conditions are Like at Mammoth Mountain Around Christmas

Nothing goes better with the holidays than a trip to where there is plenty of snow, beautiful mountains, and your family and friends to enjoy it all with. A trip to Mammoth Mountain has all those things, which is why thousands of people flock to Mammoth Lakes every year in late December.

If you’re considering doing the same this year but want to know more about Mammoth Mountain during the holidays, then the ASO Mammoth team has the perfect guide for you below.

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The Mountain is Mostly Open

Typically winter kicks into full gear in January, so you’re right to wonder what the conditions are like in December and if they’re worth riding.

Every year is different so you must check the snow reports and weather forecasts to get the most accurate conditions report, but typically by late December there has been enough snowfall and cold temperatures for snow-blowing that Mammoth Mountain is mostly open.

Being open and having great conditions are two different things though, and if there is warm weather moving through the area around the holidays then coverage could shrink and the slopes could become icy or slushy depending on the temperatures. 

No one can predict the weather with complete accuracy months or even weeks out from when you’re visiting Mammoth Mountain, but if you check the Mammoth Mountain snow report before your visit then you can adjust your activities according to the weather.

Lift Lines Are Long the Week After Christmas

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a great time to step away from work, which is why it’s also Mammoth Lakes’ most crowded week of the year.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are typically busy on the weekends and relaxed on the weekdays just like any other week, so aim to visit then if you want to avoid crowds. If you are at Mammoth Mountain when the slopes are crowded and the lift lines are long, then check out this post on where to ride when the mountain has high capacity!

An Incredible Holiday Atmosphere

Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain do everything possible to help everyone who visits during the holidays have an unforgettable experience, which creates an incredible atmosphere all over town!

From when the town’s tree lighting ceremony takes place all the way to New Year’s Eve, Mammoth Lakes is alive with the holiday spirit. You can see exactly what we mean by checking out the Mammoth Mountain event calendar here or you can see what is happening all over Mammoth Lakes by exploring the Mammoth Lakes event calendar here.

No matter how you celebrate, there’s something for you in Mammoth Lakes this holiday season! If that means skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain, then visit us at ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!