What to Know Before You Visit Mammoth Lakes This Summer

Whether your outdoor hobby is hopping from rock to rock on a mountain bike or simply enjoying breathtaking views, you can do it in Mammoth Lakes during the summer. Add in a perfect summer climate and you can see why every summer over 1.5 million people visit a town with a permanent population below 10,000 residents.

If you’ll be one of those visitors this summer, then there are a few things you should know about town beforehand. From what to expect with weather to what you can do while you’re here, the ASO Mammoth team has boiled down the most important things you need to know before visiting Mammoth Lakes this summer into one guide. Check it out below, and if you need any new gear before you explore the spectacular Eastern Sierra mountains stop by ASO Mammoth in the heart of Mammoth Lakes!

 Summer Climate

Although it’s not unusual for snow to stick around on the trails and campgrounds well into June and beyond, Mammoth Lakes’ summer climate is warm and perfect for a day at one of the many lakes in the area.

High temperatures average between 75-80 degrees with lows dipping into the 40s at night. While warm temperatures are common in the summer, due to Mammoth’s elevation of nearly 8,000 feet above sea level there is always a chance of cool weather. The mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes also rise as high as 12,000 feet, so if Mammoth Lakes is ever too warm for you then you can always hike or drive higher where the air is cooler.

Before you visit, you should consider Mammoth Lake’s elevation. Simply put, your body is working harder to breathe at high elevation. If you’re not acclimated, then you’ll need to drink extra water, monitor your physical activities, keep an eye out for the signs of altitude sickness, and prepare for greater exposure to sunlight. Pets can experience the same symptoms of altitude sickness but cannot communicate them, so monitor your pets as well!

Things to do

Mammoth Lakes is the ultimate playground for outdoors enthusiasts during the summer.

After a snowy winter you can still find snow on Mammoth during the summer months, but if you’re tired of snow then you’ll find plenty of options for hiking, climbing, trail running, camping, sightseeing, golfing, or just enjoying the mountain air.

The Mammoth Lakes area is also famous for fly fishing thanks to the abundant streams and lakes as well as a natural and stocked population of trout. There are also several mountain biking trails in the area that are welcoming to beginners as well as experts. While there is plenty of room to ride throughout the Mammoth Lakes area, if you don’t mind sharing the trail with other mountain bikers then Mammoth Mountain’s bike park is a terrific option for mountain biking. Along with the intricately designed trails and features at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, riders also get the luxury of riding ski lifts and busses to the top of some trails!


There’s something about the relaxing but awe-inspiring nature surrounding Mammoth Lakes that brings out the creative side in people. While some people express that through the art and literature showcased at events like the Eastern Sierra Book Festival, others express it through music and food, both of which are plentiful in Mammoth Lakes.

If you’re a fan of either (and really, who isn’t?) then you should check to see if a festival is going on in town. Whether it’s the annual Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza or the Eastern Sierra Symphony Summer Festival, Mammoth Lakes has an event for you this summer!

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