When Is Mammoth’s Prime Camping Season?

When the weather is nicer and ski season is officially over, one of the activities you’re welcome to enjoy at Mammoth Lakes is camping. In fact, there are more than 800 campsites in the Mammoth Lakes area, and many of them are near pristine lakes or sprawling forests with adjacent streams. The helpful folks from ASO Mammoth, a top-tier spot for everything from camping gear to fishing licenses and Mammoth bike rentals, offer these suggestions for the best time to go camping at Mammoth Lakes.

Summers Are Perfect for Mammoth Lakes Camping

Summers in the Mammoth Lakes area are frequently comfortable, clear, and arid. While it’s rarely below zero here, it can be a bit too chilly for overnight camping if you go in early or mid-spring. You’ll be more likely to experience pleasant camping weather between the middle of June and the early part of September, which is considered the warm season in this region. The perks of camping at Mammoth Lakes during this time include:

• Plenty of clear, comfy nights for stargazing or relaxing in a sleeping bag
• Extra hours of sunlight to do more camping-related activities
• Easy access to hiking trails that offer exposure to warm sun and refreshing breezes, especially if you camp in the Mammoth Lakes Basin

Weekday Camping at Mammoth Lakes Has Its Advantages

Even in the summer, when schedules are usually more flexible, it’s common for Mammoth Lakes to attract larger crowds on weekends. This is especially true of National Forest campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes area like the Coldwater, Lake George, Lake Mary, New Shady Rest, and Pine City campgrounds. If you have your heart set on summer camping at Mammoth Lakes hot spots like these—which also give you access to public bathrooms—and you want more options with fewer crowds, consider planning a weekday camping adventure.

It’s Smart to Reserve Amenity-Laden Camping Spots Early

It’s best to plan ahead if you’re a beginner at camping or just someone who prefers additional amenities when “roughing it.” Operated by Mammoth Mountain, Camp High Sierra is one of the popular camping spots for first-timers and campers who prefer a “camping light” experience, since it offers extras like cabins and access to showers. Amenity-rich places like this are typically closed during the winter months. However, if you make a reservation online before prime camping season, you should be able to snag a camping spot that appeals to you.

Off-Season Fall Camping Has Its Perks, Too

There’s an abundance of activity in the Mammoth Lakes area after Labor Day. This also applies to camping. Most of the campgrounds and cabins within this area remain open through the end of September. This sometimes extends into October, as long as Mother Nature cooperates. Autumn camping at Mammoth Lakes also means:

• Less crowded campsites
• Off-season bargains on accommodations if you won’t be camping in a tent
• More amazing photo opportunities because of the stunning fall colors
• Less competition at popular fishing spots 

No matter when you choose to camp at Mammoth, you’ll find a ton of fun things for the whole family to enjoy. While you’re here, stop by and see the friendly team at ASO Mammoth. Whether you need camping equipment, mountain biking gear, fishing licenses, or ski rental in Mammoth, you’ll find everything you need at our store. Drop by on your way to the lakes, or you can give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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