Trails You Should Know About at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Most people know about backcountry skiing and snowboard and resort skiing and snowboarding, but do you know that there is also resort mountain biking? If you live in Mammoth Lakes, the answer is probably yes because once the snow melts Mammoth Mountain turns into one of the best mountain biking parks in the country. Thanks to varied features, legendary trails, and unbeatable views, Mammoth Bike Park is a must for mountain bikers.

To help you plan your trip, the ASO Mammoth team has listed a few of the most popular trails on the mountain. Read about them below and plan your trip today!


It’s not the most technically challenging or surprising trail at Mammoth Mountain, but Kamikaze is the most famous for a good reason.

Kamikaze is one of the most historic and well-known trails on the mountain due to the fact that riders have been flying down it since 1987. It is an expert run that runs from the summit to the base, 2,000 vertical feet, on a flat fire road with only a few turns and bends. Thanks to Kamikaze’s length and lack of features on the trail, Kamikaze is where mountain bikers go to satisfy their need for speed. Kamikaze doesn’t only offer speed though, as thanks to its summit start point riders enjoy views so great that they just might be tempted to slow down so they can enjoy them. On top of the trail and the views, Kamikaze also offers access to several other trails from the summit. If you visit Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, you have to ride Kamikaze at least once.

Skid Marks

If you’re at the summit but are looking for a more technical challenge than Kamikaze, Skid Marks is for you.

Thanks to its summit starting point, Skid Marks has the same mountain top views as Kamikaze. However, instead of a flat road Skid Marks is made up of a loose, rocky surface and plenty of switchbacks that require skill and focus to pass through. Although there are plenty of views to enjoy on Skid Marks, you’ll want to keep your eyes on this trail at all times!


 Whether you’re looking for jumps, ramps, or walls, Pipeline has it all.

For example, at the beginning of the trail there are two large gaps called Thing One and Thing Two that offer the riders to ride through or hit with speed and catch air. From there, Pipeline only gets more challenging, but if you have the skill to enjoy all the features on this trail then it is an absolute blast to ride. After Thing One and Thing Two you’ll speed down a narrow trail in and out of trees while weaving around rocks and logs as well as other built in features. Then, there is the Monolith, which is a large up-and-over that challenges riders thanks to the sharp turn just beyond it.

Always ride within your ability to keep yourself and other riders safe. Also, make sure you have plenty of water to fuel you during your day at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. If you have any questions or find you need new gear before your visit, stop by ASO Mammoth on your way to the park!

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