Top Trails at Mammoth Mountain from Beginner to Expert

Mammoth Mountain lives up to its name when it comes to trails.

With over 3,500 skiable acres, 150 named trails, and 28 lifts, Mammoth is the ultimate playground for riders and skiers of any skill level. Still, knowing which runs match your skill level is the difference between having a fun or frustrating day on the mountain.

Check out ASO Mammoth’s trail guide below as well as Mammoth Mountain’s trail map to make sure you take advantage of everything Mammoth has to offer!

Beginner Areas and Trails

On most mountains the runs near the base and lodges will be friendly to beginners. While more experienced riders may be frustrated by the crowd of riders in these areas, some of whom are still learning and not completely in control, for a beginner these runs are the perfect place to get their legs under them.

Mammoth is no exception and thanks to the massive size of the mountain there is plenty of variety for beginners who want to stay in control but also have fun. Beginners are going to want to stay near the green runs near Canyon, Eagle, and Main lodge. While the lodges are safe bets for easy riding, Canyon and Main lodge both have a higher concentration of green runs nearby.

If you’re at Canyon lodge, then chair 17 is a quick ride to the top of several green runs including Spring Canyon, Round About, and Little Bird.

Take your time progressing onto bigger runs. The more control you have, the more fun you’ll have. Plus, being close to lodges means being closer to soft chairs and warm drinks!

Intermediate Areas and Trails

If you’re an intermediate rider, then the middle of the mountain is a great place to start you day and explore Mammoth.

If you’re starting at Canyon Lodge, then Chair 16 is a quick lift to several blues that roll down into green runs and back to the base. Intermediate riders will also find plenty of blue runs like Chicadee, Watertank, and Christmas Tree if they take chair 15 from Eagle Lodge. Chair 15 will also giver rider’ access to chair 25 if they want to head further up the mountain.

Several of the runs off Chair 25 are advanced blues such as Back For More and Haven’t the Foggiest with Black Diamonds and Double Blacks nearby, making it a great area for skilled riders. Still, an inexperienced rider could easily end up on a trail they’re not ready for in this area, so if you do take Chair 25 make sure you pay attention to trail signs.

Expert Areas

As with most mountains you will find the most advanced runs at the top of Mammoth Mountain. If you’re ready to hit Black Diamonds as quickly as possible, then the Panorama Gondola is a direct connection to the top of the mountain. At the top you’ll find two double black diamonds and a nearby black to get your fill. If you’re hoping to shred through bowls and chutes, then Chair 23 will drop you right above Dropout and Wipeout Chutes with several bowls nearby.

If you’re looking for less ridden and less predictable terrain though, then Cloud Nine Express will drop you near several black diamonds that provide just that. Taking Ricochet to Wazoo and down through Dragon’s Tail will take you through plenty of challenging terrain that will keep expert riders entertained.

Even better, the end of Dragon’s Tail will take you right back to Cloud Nine Express so you can do it all over again.

Before you ride, check which trails are open and what conditions are like so you can plan accordingly. Most importantly, have fun on the mountain and if you need any gear, tips, or just want to make us jealous before you get on the snow stop by ASO Mammoth!


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