The Best Long-Distance Mountain Bike Trails in Mammoth Lakes

While Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has plenty of excellent mountain bike trails, if you’re looking for a long-distance adventure then the trails surrounding Mammoth Lakes are for you.

When you’ve got a backyard as beautiful as the Eastern Sierras, it makes sense that you’d want to spend as much time outside as possible. One of the most efficient and entertaining ways to enjoy Mammoth Lakes’ scenic beauty is to take advantage of Mammoth Lakes excellent trail system and explore the wilderness by bike, and if you’re looking for an all-day adventure then the ASO Mammoth team has the perfect list for you below. Whether you’re looking for the challenge of riding over technical terrain for miles or just want to explore all day long, check out the best Long-Distance Mountain Bike Trails in Mammoth Lakes below!

White Mountain Trail

Although this trail is closer to Bishop than it is to Mammoth Lakes, the opportunity to bike to over 14,000 feet is too special to leave off this list.

Even though it’s not the most technically challenging trail on this list, White Mountain Trail is the highest mountain biking trail in California, so if you conquer this 14-mile ride then you’ve got some serious bragging rights. We’ve decided to mark this trail as 14 miles, but legend says some people ascend from the start of White Mountain Road or even further away in Bishop. Don’t think the 14-mile version of this ride is easy though. Once you begin your ride from the Barcroft Gate at the end of White Mountain Road you’ll be facing a steady ascent on a dirt road at high altitude. However, there is also plenty of sun on the exposed summit and no water sources on the mountain, so to complete this ride you’ll need to plan appropriately. Still, if you like strenuous climbing then the view from the summit will be worth the pain for you! 

Inyo Craters Loop

This trail begins well outside of Mammoth Lakes as well, but it’s a drastic change from pedaling to the top of White Mountain.

The Inyo Craters Loop trail is a mellow cross-country trail that remains flat for about 10 and a half miles through some of the best scenery in the area such as views of Deer Mountain and the pine forests which the trail snakes through. Then of course, there are the namesake craters at the end, making this trail one of the most scenic in this list.

Lower Rock Creek Trail

Lower Rock Creek Trail offers plenty of technical challenges but also descends for several miles making it one of the most popular trails in the Mammoth Lakes area.

Although the distance varies based on your riding choices, most riders choose to park at the trailhead at the bottom and then carpool to the top for a long descent back to the parking lot. Lower Rock Creek is essentially split up into three sections that have their own unique challenges. In the first section you’ll be able to speed through trees mixed in with sharp turns and technical rocks. You’ll know you’re crossing into the second section because you’ll cross a paved road. Once you do, you’ll enjoy an open trail that’s perfect for speed and big turns. Lastly, after you cross a road once again, you’ll be on the third and most challenging part of the trail. Here you’ll find rocks, narrow canyons, and a steep descent that leads back to the parking lot. All of these sections combined creates one of the best mountain biking experiences in all of the Eastern Sierra!

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