What You Should Rent and What You Should Buy for Skiing and Snowboarding

If you’re like us here at ASO Mammoth, once you catch the skiing or snowboarding bug there are only a few things that can keep you away from the mountain. One of them is summer of course, but the main thing that keeps people from skiing and snowboarding more often are the costs. Should you rent or buy?

Experienced skiers and snowboarders can invest in gear and season passes to offset the costs of the sports, but for beginners travel and lift tickets add up fast. That’s why ASO Mammoth is proud to offer the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes. To help get you on the mountain as quickly, and comfortably, as possible, we’ve put together a guide to what ski and snowboard gear you can rent and what you should buy below. Check it out and book your rentals online today!

Skis and Snowboards: Rent

Buying a snowboard or a set of skis is a big investment, so beginners and intermediate riders need to rent their board or skis until they know exactly what they want to ride if they decide to purchase their own gear eventually. For this reason, ski shops across the country rent boards and skis out every day.

If you have questions about the type of board available for rent at your local ski shop, let the rental technician there know what type of riding you’d like to do and your previous experience to find the best match for you.

Ski and Snowboard Bindings: Rent

It’s highly unlikely that someone who is renting a snowboard or set of skis has their own bindings, so ski shops nearly always include a bindings rental with a rented snowboard or set of skis.

Rental ski bindings are pretty similar across the board, but snowboard bindings can come as strap bindings, rear-entry bindings, or step-on bindings. The goal of these different designs is to be comfortable and easy to use, so if given the option to choose between different types of
snowboard bindings let your rental technician know about your previous experiences with bindings and what you would like to see in your next pair.

rent or buy snowboard boots

Ski and Snowboard Boots: Rent

Your boots have the biggest say on how comfortable you are while skiing and snowboarding out of any piece of gear, so make sure you pay attention when you try them on at the rental shop.

Like bindings, snowboard boots come with the option of different designs meant to make lacing your boots easier. If you’ve struggled with lacing your snowboard boots before, ask if your rental shop has a boa lacing system or another quick lacing boot available for rent.

Ski Poles: Rent

Although some ski school instructors may have students ski without poles for a few runs to help them focus on the fundamentals, you will almost always want ski poles when skiing.

Fortunately, most rental shops include pole rentals in their rental packages or charge a small fee for them. If you’re unsure of if your ski poles are the right height for you, ask your rental technician about them before you head to the mountain.

Helmets: Rent or Buy

Most ski shops will offer helmet rentals, but considering how important it is to protect your head while skiing and snowboarding it’s a good idea to buy your own helmet that fits your head perfectly so you don’t mind wearing it all day long.

Ski and Snowboard Clothes: Buy

Some ski shops offer pants and jackets for rent, but not every shop does. For this reason, it’s good to invest in reliable snow clothes to keep yourself dry and warm on the mountain.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy your gear, we have it all! Make sure to stop by or store!

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