Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Rent a Mountain Bike

It may seem like renting a mountain bike is something only new riders do, but the truth is that everyone from beginners to experienced mountain bikers rent mountain bikes.

Whether it’s because a beginner is exploring the mountains for the first time or a seasoned mountain biker is trying out a new type of bike, people of all experience levels rent mountain bikes every day, but not everyone gets the most out of their mountain bike rental which is what we’re all about here at ASO Mammoth. To show you what we mean, we’ve listed the most important questions to ask yourself before renting a mountain bike below. Check them out before your next rental!

What Type of Riding Am I doing?

The single biggest thing to ask yourself before renting a mountain bike is what type of riding you’ll be using it for. This may seem obvious, but the answer can be more complicated than you think.

You may think that the only two answers to this question are off-road and on-road riding, but there are other factors to consider. For example, at ASO Mammoth we carry the KHS SIXFIFTY 200 which is a cross country bike designed for efficient pedaling and climbing that gets you to the top of a mountain as quickly as possible. Although the SIXFIFTY 200 will get you back down the mountain, it’s not designed for fast, technical descents the way a trail or all mountain bike is. That’s why knowing exactly which type of riding you’ll be doing the most of before you rent your bike is key. Most mountain bikes will perform well climbing, descending, and riding on paved surfaces, but if you’re looking for an edge then choosing a bike specifically designed for your type of riding will push you further, faster.

What is My Skill Level?

Skill level isn’t just determined by what type of terrain you can ride. You must also consider how well you can ride a bike. For example, you may think you don’t need as much skill to ride on an urban street as you do for a trail, but you still need the skill to avoid urban hazards like pedestrians and cars.

For example, at ASO we carry the KHS Town & Country as well as the KHS Envoy 200. Both bikes are road bikes designed for steady rides in urban settings, but the Envoy is an e-bike with peddle assist while the Town & Country is a traditional bike with raised handlebars and wider tires. Both offer different features that are meant to make the ride easier, but how comfortable you are with riding a bike will determine which features are right for you. Although the Envoy’s peddle assists is meant to make riding easier, you may be more comfortable with the traditional setup of the Town & Country if you’re unsure of your riding ability.

Rent a mountain bike

Do I Want to Try Out a Different Type of Bike or Ride What I Know?

Renting is a great opportunity for more experienced mountain bikers who want to try a different set up or style of riding, so consider your options the next time you rent even if you know what you like to ride.

At ASO Mammoth, that could mean choosing the KHS 6555 Electric Mountain Bike instead of a traditional mountain bike. Although some people love charging hills, if climbing is just a means to an end for you then the 6555 could be a gamechanger. Whatever you choose to ride, stop by ASO Mammoth the next time you’re in Mammoth Lakes for the best mountain bike rentals in town!

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