Tips for Avoiding Injuries When Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, like any physical activity, needs to be performed safely. These tips can help you stay on your bike and keep you from sustaining serious injuries. If you need safety advice or equipment before you head up the mountain, stop in and see the friendly staff at ASO Mammoth, the one-stop shop for bike, snowboard, and ski rental Mammoth visitors trust for high-quality gear and premier service.

Check Before You Ride

The easiest way to prevent injury is to check your equipment before you start riding the trail. If you transported your bike in a car, the brakes, wheels, and chains may have been pushed out of the correct position. Make sure your brakes are in working condition. Check that the straps on your safety gear are securely fastened and your shoelaces are tied. A few minutes of attention now could keep something from coming loose during the ride. A pre-ride check is also a good time to see if you have everything you need in your bag. You don’t want to realize you left your cell phone at home if something does go wrong. Always bring a first aid kit and an emergency communication device so you’re prepared to handle anything that happens.

Treat Your Muscles Well

Mountain biking is a physical activity, so always take a few minutes to warm up before you actually start riding. During the ride, keep a good posture so your lungs have enough room to expand. Slow down if you start to notice sore knees, wrists, or ankles. If your bike is constantly vibrating or shaking, you may want to check your suspension forks. Don’t push yourself too far past your physical limits. Bike rides can last a long time, so there’s no point in burning yourself out at the beginning.

Know the Trail in Advance

Unexpected drops and turns are a common cause of mountain biking injuries. When possible, ride a trail you’re familiar with. If you haven’t been down the trail before, watch the road ahead of you very closely. Get off your bike before a steep hill and check the trail for any obstacles or pitfalls. Once you know it’s safe to ride, proceed with caution. If you see the rock before you hit it, you won’t wipe out.

Stay Hydrated and Well Fed

Exhaustion causes mistakes. Keep yourself in great biking condition by taking care of yourself both before and during the ride. Get enough sleep the night before. Drink plenty of water before you leave and throughout the entire trip. Eat a healthy meal that won’t make you tired, and bring some portable snacks with you for the road. You should take regular breaks as often as needed. Sip some water, stretch your muscles, and eat an energy bar. You’re out to have fun, so don’t push yourself further than you can handle. Stay alert and keep yourself in good physical condition. If you get too tired, cancel the ride instead of risking an injury.

It’s time to grab your bike and hit the trails! Don’t let your trip be ruined by getting injured because you failed to use common sense and follow safety guidelines. If you need advice on Mammoth’s best trails, high-quality biking gear, or information about Mammoth snowboard rental, stop by ASO Mammoth. We have everything you need to make your biking experience a memory to treasure. Drop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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