What You Need to Know About the Mammoth Mountain Beginner Pass

Mammoth Mountain offers enough terrain for you to explore all season long, and with more snow than any other mountain in the country there has never been a better time to spend a day, or the rest of the season, at Mammoth.

All the great conditions and terrain in the world don’t mean a thing if you don’t have the skills to enjoy them though. Fortunately Mammoth Mountain offers a special discounted pass for beginners that gives access to the runs they need to learn only. Still, without being on the mountain it’s hard to decide if you’ll be satisfied with the beginner’s pass or will need more to enjoy yourself.

To help you decide, the ASO Mammoth team has broken down the basic information into a simple guide. Check it out below!

The Deal

Although Mammoth’s lift ticket prices generally vary based on demand and conditions, a beginner pass will cost $69 for an adult (18-64 years old) ticket. Check out Mammoth’s official page here to see more details about the cost of a ticket for other ages.

Where You Get Access To

The beginner pass gives you access to Chairs 7, 11, 15, and 17 which means you’ll have access to a lift at every lodge.

Starting at Eagle Lodge, your only choice is Chair 15. Here you will find the longest runs available on the beginner pass as well as several blue runs that give progressing riders a chance to do just that. On top of the relatively long blue runs accessible by Chair 15 you can also hit Eagle Playground, giving you and any other beginners with you a chance to hit park features designed specifically for you. One important thing to note about Chair 15 is that it is the only lift near Eagle Lodge, which means it can get crowded fast. If you’re looking to avoid crowds then Chair 15 is not for you.

At Canyon Lodge you’ll have access to Chair 17 and 7. Although the two other lifts in the area and the several others just above Chair 17 and 7 keep these lifts less crowded, the runs accessible from them are short greens that are perfect for beginners but may lack the incline and length needed for progressing riders.

Like Chair 15 though, Chair 7 drops you just above another small terrain park designed for beginners. You can also access the terrain park, called Wonderland Playground, from Chair 17 by going skier’s left from the top of the lift and taking the Village Ski Back Trail towards the base of the mountain. Keep an eye out for the park though, if you ride too far down you’ll be committed to taking the ski back trail all the way to the village!

Lastly, Chair 11 is accessible from Main Lodge and offers the least terrain out of all the lifts covered by the beginner pass. Chair 11 gives you access to three green runs, but what it lacks in terrain options it makes up for with fun zones and beginner terrain parks.

Off Chair 11 you’ll find Woolly’s Woods, which is a fun zone with special features designed for young riders and skiers. Chair 11 also gives access to Disco Playground, another beginner terrain park.

Who Should Get a Beginner Pass?

We can’t give you a definite answer, but if your skill level requires you to stay in a small area then you should at least consider it. While you can get from Eagle Lodge to Canyon Lodge, it is impossible to move from any other lodge to the another while riding or skiing on the beginner pass due to the lack of lift access, so plan accordingly!

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