A Breakdown on the Terrain Parks at Mammoth Mountain

With over 3,500 skiable acres of terrain and over 150 named trails, Mammoth Mountain has enough groomers, bowls, and tree runs to keep even the most seasoned riders satisfied all season long. Still, Mammoth offers several world famous terrain parks that have features made for riders experimenting in the park for the first time all the way up to the best riders in the world.

With so many parks and features to explore, the team at ASO Mammoth has decided to break down each park so you know where to ride based on your skills and areas of interest.

Main Park

If you’re an expert who came to Mammoth Mountain to push your park skills to their limit and beyond, then Main Park is the place for you.

Main Park is not only where you’ll find some of Mammoth’s largest jumps and most technical jibs, but you’ll also have a chance to ride the world famous 22 foot halfpipe that draws professional riders from all over the world every year. To keep everyone on the mountain safe,  Main Park should be ridden by experts only. If that’s you, then you can access Main Park from Unbound Express  (Chair 6). With Forest Trail also near Main Park and accessible from Unbound Express, the area near Main Lodge has something for everyone.

South Park

While South Park should also be ridden by experts only, this park offers some less aggressive features made up mostly of jibs with some large jumps mixed in. If you’re looking to get off the ground, don’t worry though. South Park is also home to Mammoth’s 18 foot halfpipe, so there are still plenty of ways to progress your riding here.

South Park is accessible from Roller Coaster Express (Chair 4), and if you haven’t had enough time in the park when you get to the bottom Wonderland Playground is located at South Park’s exit.

Forest Trail

Forest Trail is the first park on this guide that is open to riders of all experience, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has little to offer.

With 17 creative jibs, two perfectly maintained jumps, and a banked slalom trail running through the trees, Forest Trail is the perfect place to push your riding as well as nail down your technique. Plus, since Forest Trail is accessible from Unbound Express you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see other riders tear up Main Park.

Jibs & More

Looking for a place to hang out with your friends and hit some of the most creative features on Mammoth Mountain? Jibs & More is the place for you.

Although there are no jumps in the Jibs & More area, there are plenty of opportunities to do your first wall ride, master the 50/50, or just ride out poor weather thanks to the low-elevation location. Plus, with South Park nearby and Wonderland Playground near the exit, Jibs & More is the perfect place for terrain park lovers.

Disco Wonderland & Eagle Playgrounds

Even though Mammoth Mountain is a favorite among professional riders thanks to the halfpipes and other large features, there are also plenty of options for riders who are just beginning to explore the terrain park. 

With plenty of rollers, boxes, and small jumps that will help you stomp your first jump or rail, Disco Wonderland and Eagle Playground are the perfect places to begin your time in the park. 

The Hemlocks

Located on the far side of the mountain, the Hemlocks is another expert terrain park. Unlike the other parks though, The Hemlocks’ features are built to feel more like the backcountry than a managed terrain park.

While the natural features attract backcountry riders, this park is also kept quite and focused due to the fact that the Hemlocks are only accessible by hiking from the top of Chair 14. If you have any questions about Mammoth Mountain’s terrain parks, stop by ASO Mammoth for more information as well as the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

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