Mammoth Mountain Lifts and Chairs You Can Plan Your Day Around

Whether you’re with a group who likes to explore independently but wants to stay in the same area or you want to ride each area of Mammoth Mountain day by day, there are several lifts that give access to plenty of trails for only one ride.

To help you keep your group together or to just get the most bang for your buck by riding fewer lifts, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a quick guide to show you which lifts offer the most trail access. To make things easier, we’ve grouped each chair or lift by the skill level of the runs surrounding them. Check it out below!

Beginner Lifts

While you can bet on these lifts being crowded, you can also bet on a large number of trails that are easily accessible from the top and perfect for beginners. Each of these lifts are also near a lodge, giving them the added bonus of having a short walk to a comfortable place to takes breaks. If you’re at Eagle Lodge, then Eagle Express is going to be your best bet thanks to the top being surrounded by blue runs, a terrain park that’s perfect for young riders, and an easy green run that leads to the base so you can do it all over again.

The same can be said for Schoolyard express near Canyon lodge thanks to several green runs and another playground nearby. Lastly, if you’re near Main Lodge then the first half of the Panorama Gondola and Discovery Chair offer several greens, blues, and terrain parks fit for any skill level.

Intermediate Lifts

The star of the intermediate lifts is Chair 22. With two black diamonds, four double black diamonds, and several blues all around the top, Chair 22 offers challenging terrain as well as runs meant for riders who are not ready to push their skills just yet. Chair 22 is also an excellent lift to plan around thanks to its central location that makes it easy to traverse in either direction or find lifts to take you further up the mountain.

Although Chair 22’s closest lodge is Canyon Lodge, Chair 25, which is just above Eagle Lodge, will also drop you in a similar area, meaning you can explore even more trails while staying in one area of the mountain. Lastly, Main Lodge’s Broadway Express and the nearby Chair 12 will also give you plenty of options that are perfect for an intermediate rider.

Expert Lifts

Like most mountains, the higher you go up Mammoth Mountain the more challenging the terrain is. For this reason, we recommend Chair 23 thanks to the concentration of some of Mammoth Mountain’s most challenging bowls and chutes at your feet. For example, just at the top of Chair 23 you’ll have two double black chutes to choose from with several other accessible by traversing. Although Chair 23’s base is not the most accessible, the options it gives you are too good to leave off this guide.

If you need to stay off the top of the mountain due to poor weather or conditions, then you can also find plenty of expert terrain by taking High Five Express or Face Lift Express. Both lifts will drop you fairly high up the mountain with a half dozen black diamonds ready for your choosing. Does reading about all the different terrain and lifts available at Mammoth Mountain have you ready to get in the car and head our way? We are happy to help with any last minute purchases, ski and snowboard rentals, and needed information at ASO Mammoth!

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