Mammoth’s Best Spots for Mountain Biking

The downhill mountain bike park at Mammoth Mountain is a great place to test and improve your skills with gorgeous views as a backdrop. But it’s just one of several options mountain bike enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy and explore in the Mammoth area. Purchase a pass—if you just want trail access, consider the pedal pass—and you’ll be able to visit any of the bike park trails accessible from Mammoth Mountain listed below. For more info on the best trails, stop by and talk to the team at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for high-quality biking gear as well as premier Mammoth ski rental and repair. 

Paper Route Loop

Offering 5.4 miles of terrain, the Paper Route Loop is considered one of the most popular cross-country trails in the Mammoth area. It’s excellent for mountain biking thanks to its firm soil and rolling terrain. You can start and finish this loop at the Village at Mammoth Mountain. Do this by starting from the Uptown junction and finishing along the Downtown Trail junction to enjoy a full 10-mile loop.

The Uptown Trail via the Beach Cruiser Loop

If you prefer a mountain biking option that’s a bit more challenging but still fun and scenic, give the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park’s Uptown Trail a try. Follow this trail along the Beach Cruiser loop as you descend toward the downtown Mammoth area. You’ll start at the Village and pedal uphill for about 4 miles until you get to Mammoth’s Main Lodge. It’s here where you’ll access the Beach Cruiser loop for a gentle climb and faster descent.

Mountain View Trail

Mountain bike your way to the top of this 11-mile trail, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view. While not part of Mammoth’s bike park, it’s still a trail that’s accessible to everyone. Simply start at the Earthquake Fault Trailhead and follow the signs you’ll see along the way.

Note: Trails beyond the turnoff at Earthquake Fault are for pass holders only.

Lower Rock Creek Trail

You’ll find this mountain bike trail about 30 minutes from Mammoth Mountain. It will give you approximately 8 miles of downhill action. Other bikers prefer to focus on the top sections for their mountain biking fun while using the adjacent road for the ascent. The two sections at the top are also popular, since they offer fast-flowing single-track action. Just watch out for the parts of the trail that cross the road. If you prefer a more difficult and technical ride, look for the third section of the trail with the rock gardens.

Mixing Things Up for Even More Mammoth Mountain Biking Fun

Treat yourself to the ultimate mountain biking experience by using a combination of trails that will take you up and down throughout the Mammoth area. If you opt not to purchase a bike pass, you can still get in a multitrail ride by starting with the Mammoth Rock Trail before looping the Panorama Dome. You’ll then return via Rock Trail. You’ll also find convenient trail access points that can lead to a multitrail ride at Twin Lakes and Old Mammoth Road.

Note: The Mammoth Rock Trail is a multiuse trail, so make sure to yield to other bikers and hikers who may be using it, too.

When you’re ready to enjoy the amazing bike trails at Mammoth, drop by and say hello to the mountain sports experts at ASO Mammoth. We can hook you up with everything you need for a fantastic biking experience. We’re your top choice for local trail information and top-quality mountain biking gear as well as ski and snowboard rental in Mammoth, so stop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444. 

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