Does Mammoth Have Uphill Skiing?

One of the top skiing trends among resorts across the country is uphill skiing. In the US and many countries in Europe, this process is also known as skinning, and it involves climbing the slopes on mountains while wearing specialized bindings with adhesive skins on the bottom. This trend is gaining a lot of traction because it provides another way to enjoy the outdoors. The experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place to go for Mammoth Mountain ski rentals, gear, and first-rate repair services, offer the following guide to uphill skiing at Mammoth.

Available Routes

Like many ski resorts, Mammoth Lakes offers skinning to paying visitors. You can skip the lifts and give your legs and lungs a good workout by taking advantage of uphill skiing. Grab some tickets, go over the rules, and pick up a map to see what the best designated skinning routes are at Mammoth Lakes. The maps will detail the most challenging locations and the easiest uphill skiing routes.


Skiers can purchase uphill tickets for daily use, or they can buy season passes. Winter pass holders typically receive free skinning access as well as other benefits. To find out if you’re eligible for free uphill access at Mammoth Lakes, show your armband and pass to be admitted. Other passholders who may be eligible for free skinning passes include the following groups: Ikon, Ikon Base, June Mountain, and Tamarack Cross-Country Ski.

Authorized Equipment

Once you’ve purchased an uphill day ticket or pass, you need to verify the rules and regulations regarding skinning. For example, skiers aren’t permitted to take unauthorized equipment while ascending. Individuals can take skis, split boards, and retention devices that are fitted. Skins and climbing scales are necessary when ascending. Therefore, you should bring these items along. Snowshoeing, hiking, and boot packing aren’t allowed while ascending, even if you’ve purchased a ticket.

Other Factors

Keep in mind there are unforeseen issues that could prevent you from uphill skiing even if you’ve obtained a ticket or pass. For instance, some snow conditions and other weather problems could cause the trails and routes to be closed, preventing you from participating in any uphill activities. It’s your responsibility to check with Mammoth Lakes ahead of time to determine if the routes have been shut down on a particular day. During regular operating hours, Mammoth reserves the right to shut down the pathways and trails to ensure the safety of all visitors. You can also check the daily status of each route online.

Benefits of Uphill Skiing

Skinning is dominating the slopes because it’s one of the best ways for skiers to access a mountain’s most pristine terrain. Snowboarders have also turned to skinning for the perfect hike up the slope because they can skip the chairlifts and other rides and still access the top by wearing specialized equipment. In some instances, you may need to climb an additional distance, but the experience is fun and exhilarating, making it a massive hit among skiers at Mammoth Lakes.

No matter what type of skiing you love to do, ASO Mammoth is your one-stop shop for all your skiing needs. Bring your skis by the shop for a good waxing before you hit the slopes. If you don’t have your own gear, that’s fine too, because we’re the premier provider of ski rentals Mammoth has to offer. Our experts will help you select the perfect boots, skis, and bindings. Next time you’re in Mammoth, drop in to see us, or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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