Is Mountain Biking By Yourself Safe?

Whether you prefer the more moderate and popular Paper Route Loop, the panoramic views of the Mountain View Trail, or expert trails with names like The Drop and Twilight Zone, there are many places to mountain bike in the Mammoth area. And it’s an activity you’re certainly welcome to enjoy with friends, but you may also go mountain biking alone if you so desire. If solo riding is the option you prefer, stay safe by keeping the recommendations listed below in mind. If you need additional safety advice or equipment before you head up the mountain, stop in and see the friendly staff at ASO Mammoth, the one-stop shop for bike, snowboard, and ski rental Mammoth visitors trust for high-quality gear and premier service.

Choose Trails Matching Your Skill Level

As mentioned above, there are many options with mountain bike trails in the Mammoth area, and they all offer spectacular views. Therefore, you won’t be missing out visually by going with trails that align with your abilities. Doing so also makes it safer to mountain bike alone.

Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be

Even if it’s just a quick text that states what trail you’ll be using and when you expect to be done, letting someone know details of this nature can provide some much-appreciated peace of mind. If you do decide to change things up with your plans, be just as diligent about letting someone know.

Check Out Unfamiliar Trails First

If possible, either walk your way along trails that are new to you or bring a friend with you so you can get a good idea of what to expect. This way, if you opt to come back and mountain bike alone, you’ll have some degree of familiarity with the trail.

Have a Light Meal before You Start Riding

When mountain biking solo, you’ll need to maintain your mental focus and concentration even more. It’s a lot easier to do this if you’re not hungry and thirsty. A stomach that’s too full can make you a bit sluggish, so go with a lighter meal before you get started with your mountain biking fun. In the Mammoth area, there are plenty of places where you can find tasty, lighter, nutrient-rich meals, including some spots that aren’t too far from the trails.

Wear Protective Gear

Whether you mountain bike alone or with friends or family members, you’ll want to wear proper protective gear. At the very least, make sure you have a comfortable, properly fitting helmet. also recommends protective gear that includes:

• Glasses or goggles
• A jersey that’s breathable enough to keep you comfortable as you ride
• Shorts, liner shorts, or baggy shorts
• Knee pads

Bring a Backpack to Wear as You Bike

Lastly, solo mountain bike riding can be okay if you have a strategically packed backpack. Plus, you can still keep a backpack fairly light while still bringing some important accessories with you. Consider including the following things in your backpack:

• A reusable water bottle
• Spare parts and a tire repair kit and/or tire pump
• A fully charged phone
• A flashlight or other easily accessible source of illumination if you’ll be riding later in the day
• Light snacks for times when you might need a quick energy boost 

It’s time to grab your bike and hit the trails, and if you go it alone, make sure to use common sense and follow these safety guidelines. If you need advice on Mammoth’s best trails, high-quality biking gear, or information about Mammoth snowboard rental, stop by ASO Mammoth. We have everything you need to make your biking experience a memory to treasure. Drop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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