How to Save Money at Mammoth Mountain

When you offer the terrain, options, and the incredible conditions Mammoth Mountain has had recently after years of drought in California, you get one of the most in-demand mountains in the world. With demand comes high prices, in fact according to the Los Angeles Times the price of a lift ticket rose last year by 10% at Mammoth and 5.6% across North America.

We aren’t here to keep you away from Mammoth though, because the rising prices represent the quality of terrain, conditions, and options in town. We know because as Mammoth locals we’ve never enjoyed Mammoth as much as we do now and there is plenty to share! To help get you here, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a few tips to help you travel to and ride Mammoth Mountain on a budget. Check it below and start planning your trip!

How to Save on the Mountain

Even though the time to plan out your season has passed, before you make any plans you should consider how many days you can spend on the mountain and when those days are. For example, on any holiday you’re going to see a jump in the price of lift tickets as well as accommodation due to demand. If you have the flexibility to avoid those days, then do yourself a favor and skip the higher prices and larger crowds.

You should also consider how many days you can commit to being on the mountain. While the price of season passes varies around the world, the Ikon Pass will pay for itself if you ride for enough days at Mammoth or any of the other resorts it gives you access to. Plus, if you plan far enough in advance you can get great discounts by purchasing season passes in the off-season.

How to Save Off the Mountain

Thanks to Mammoth Lakes’ reliable public transit system, (which we talked about in our Mammoth Parking Guide) lodging away from the mountain is a realistic option and a great way to save money. There are plenty of options thanks to Mammoth’s size and the rise of Air BnB, so whether you’re looking for a private cabin, a Motel 6, or a garage turned into a room that you can share with your friends take the time to do the research. Mammoth Mountain also offers activities other than skiing and snowboarding that can be cheaper than a lift ticket, or if you’re feeling like doing a little exploring then there are also plenty options for backcountry riding in the area.

Lastly, if you want to ride non-stop but don’t want to pay for another day of lift tickets, then you can check out June Mountain which is under an hour away from Mammoth. Even though Mammoth Mountain has plenty of terrain to explore, June Mountain lift tickets are around $30 less depending on the date and how far out you’re buying them. While that may not seem much better, if you’re buying multiple lift tickets it adds up fast and June has plenty of terrain to keep you entertained.

Finally, the best advice we can give you is to take your time and plan ahead. While that may not immediately help you in the middle of the season, planning ahead will allow you to take advantage of multiple day discounts, find lodging away from the mountain but within reach of public transit, and even find the perfect non-peak seasons date to plan your trip. Plus, if you plan ahead and pre-register your rentals with ASO Mammoth online you’ll get a discount to go along with the best ski and snowboard gear on Mammoth Mountain!

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