Going on a Snowmobile Adventure at Mammoth Mountain? Here’s What to Expect

Going on a Snowmobile Adventure at Mammoth Mountain? Here’s What to Expect

Can’t get enough of the Eastern Sierra Mountains while at Mammoth Mountain? Mammoth Mountain’s snowmobile adventures are the perfect way to explore and enjoy the best of the area’s scenic beauty in the winter.

If you’re not familiar with snowmobiling though, you may be unaware of what to expect during your snowmobile adventure. The team at ASO Mammoth has listed everything you need to know about Mammoth Mountain’s snowmobile adventures below. Check it out before you ride and stop by the ASO shop for the best snowboard and ski gear in Mammoth Lakes!

Helmets are Provided

Snowmobiling is an incredible way to get outside in the winter, but just like snowboarding and skiing the helmet is the most important piece of gear of all.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate helmet for snowmobiling since Mammoth Mountain’s snowmobile adventures crew provides safe helmets for all riders. Although you may have a helmet for skiing and snowboarding already, you must wear one of the helmets provided by the snowmobile adventures staff.

Sunglasses are Okay, but Goggles are More Comfortable for Snowmobiling

We’re lucky to have a ton of sunny days with comfortable weather all winter long here in Mammoth Lakes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s so comfortable you don’t need eye protection while snowmobiling.

You will need something to cover your eyes while snowmobiling, and sunglasses are adequate protection from wind and anything else you may encounter. However, when you combine the cold winter air with Mammoth Lakes’ famous sunshine, you’ll likely be more comfortable wearing goggles while snowmobiling. If you already have goggles from skiing or snowboarding, then they will work great! If not, bring a pair of sunglasses for your snowmobile adventure.

Snow-Clothes are Good, but Staying Warm is Most Important

Unless you choose to play in the snow, then chances are your snowmobile adventure won’t require you to wear ski and snowboarding clothes.

While you’ll be surrounded by plenty of snow during your adventure, you won’t be falling in it like you would be if you were skiing or snowboarding. The most important thing is that whatever you wear is warm. Weather can vary widely during winter, so you’ll have to check the forecast ahead of your snowmobile adventure. However, you can count on cold air while you’re moving on a snowmobile, so the most important thing is that you dress in warm clothes. Jackets, warm pants, gloves, and shoes you’re comfortable walking through snow in are all required to snowmobile comfortably.

No Snowmobiling Experience is Required to Drive a Snowmobile

Driving a snowmobile may seem more intimidating than fun if you’re unfamiliar with them, but the Mammoth Mountain snowmobile adventures team will teach you how to drive and ride snowmobiles so you can have fun and stay safe.

You Will Have a Chance to Take Pictures and Videos During Your Adventure

Lastly, you may be worried that you won’t have a chance to make a memory during your snowmobile adventure since you’ll be more focused on driving the snowmobile than taking pictures. Even if you don’t have a passenger on the back of your snowmobile who can take pictures while you’re driving, there will be a chance to take pictures and videos during your adventure!