Where to Find Last Minute Mammoth Hotel Rooms

Long winter seasons, thousands of acres of skiable terrain, and a location near several major cities is sure to result in a crowded mountain and even more crowded hotels. When you have a winter like Mammoth Mountain is having though, finding the right hotel room can be like trying to find your phone after it fell out of your pocket on a Mammoth powder run.

There are plenty of hotel rooms around Mammoth Mountain, but the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a list of options that could come in handy in if the resorts are full, too expensive, or your buddy’s couch just isn’t as comfortable as you thought it was. Check out our list of last-minute Mammoth Mountain hotel options below!


If you don’t mind sharing a room with your fellow skiers and snowboarders, then a hostel is a great last-minute option. Be warned though, for holiday weekends and big storms these hostels can fill up just as quickly as the resorts and hotels.

Holiday Haus Motel & Hostel

Holiday Haus Motel & Hostel has the location of the big resorts and hotels without the hustle and bustle of being there. While you may not find some of the luxury offerings at the Holiday Haus that you would elsewhere, you will find plenty of options for your stay. Holiday Haus originally was only a hotel, but now offers a hostel that sleeps 14 people in 5 different rooms along with a communal kitchen, lounge, and a cozy reading area for you to relax in after a day on the mountain.

Davidson St. Guest House

If you’re looking for a great view of the mountains and a quiet place to enjoy it from, then Davidson St. Guest House is the place for you. Although near the Village and the rest of Mammoth Lakes, Davidson St. is located on a quiet street close to Mammoth Mountain. On top of the cozy décor and great views, Davidson St. Guest House also offers plenty of outdoor space to enjoy summer weather.

Hotels Outside of Mammoth Lakes

If you have access to a car and don’t mind driving to and from the mountain, then you can find affordable and available hotels just outside of Mammoth Lakes.

Bishop is small town just under an hour away from Mammoth Lakes and home to several hotels that could get you out of a pinch if you have transportation to the mountain covered. Although Bishop offers several resort-style hotels, we recommend booking a room that has only what you need to sleep and shower as most of your trip is going to be spent driving to or back from the mountain or on it. For the best value check out the Vagabond Inn or the Travelodge by Wyndham in Bishop.

You can also check the hotels near June Lake if staying outside of Mammoth Lakes. June Lake is about a half hour drive from Mammoth but also has a smaller but popular mountain in its backyard that can be a great option when trying to avoid crowds at Mammoth Mountain. Although you’ll find plenty of resort-style hotels that may be out of your budget, there are a few smaller hotels in the area that are worth checking into.

You can also check for rentals around Crowley Lake. Crowley Lake is closer to Mammoth Lakes than Bishop but offers fewer options for hotels. However, there are rentals in the area that could be a life saver as long as you have a way to get to Mammoth Mountain.

Stop by ASO Mammoth on your way to the mountain for the best gear, advice, and ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth!

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