What to do with Your Dog in Mammoth Lakes

With plenty of room to run, lakes to splash in, and exotic smells to discover, it’s hard to imagine a better place for a dog than Mammoth Lakes. Even if your dog doesn’t enjoy the outdoors there are plenty of cold nights where their best friend needs a buddy to cuddle with on the couch, so it’s no surprise that so many people come to Mammoth Lakes with their canine companions.

To help you and your pup have the best time possible, we’ve put together a quick list of dog-friendly activities and tips. Check them out below and plan your trip today!

Around Mammoth Mountain

During winter and summer operations, only service animals are allowed inside Mammoth Mountain lodges. However, during both seasons there are other dog friendly options if you’re hanging out around the mountain.

During the winter leashed dogs are allowed on Minaret road and the trail leading up to Minaret Vista, but owners should be aware of skiers and snowboarders on the ski trail that runs across the road. In the summer the Panorama Gondola welcomes leashed dogs as do Mammoth Mountain’s trails.

Around Mammoth Lakes

In both summer and winter, you’ll have to know when you can let your dog of its leash around Mammoth Lakes.

The general rule is that dogs can be unleashed in undeveloped areas, or areas that do not have significant human development such as trails and other wilderness areas. Conversely, dogs must be on a leash in developed areas like parking lots and around the town of Mammoth Lakes.

If you’re in Mammoth Lakes during the summertime and your dog is part fish or just likes playing with other dogs, then you’ll have to take them to one of Mammoth’s many lakes. The two most accessible options for dog friendly lakes are Sherwin Lakes and Horseshoe Lake. Both offer lakes that will keep your dog entertained while providing you with views of Mammoth Lakes’ beautiful scenery.

If you want an easier trail, then the Horseshoe Lake trail is flat and the loop is only 1.7 miles long. Plus, Horseshoe lake has a great beach for dogs to play with each other or pick up that game of fetch they can never get enough of.

The Sherwin Lakes trail is a steeper 2-mile hike that lacks shade in many areas, so if you or your pup are not ready for physical exertion or it’s warm out then consider Sherwin Lakes for a different day. If you do make the hike, then you’ll be rewarded with two small but beautiful lakes with spectacular views of the area including Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain. The water may look tempting after a hot hike, but it can be frigid so get your feet wet before jumping in!

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