Are There Crowds at Mammoth Mountain in March?

Mammoth Mountain is an outdoor paradise that people flock to throughout the year. While you can expect the area to be crowded during the peak season around the holidays, you might be wondering if it’s the same once March rolls around. Many winter destinations experience a drop-off in tourism once the snowfall starts to recede, but Mammoth can be a little different this time of year.

The simple answer is that you can still expect to see some crowds during the month of March, but there are several other factors to consider that can affect how many people you run into on your trip. The mountain sports experts at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for every kind of equipment you need to explore the mountain, from hiking gear to Mammoth snowboard rentals, explain a few things to keep in mind when planning your March trip to Mammoth Mountain.

Consider Visiting on a Weekday

As with any popular tourist destination, the crowds tend to increase on the weekends. During this time, locals are often able to take a break from work and head up to the mountain for fun. Plus, tourists tend to use their weekends to pack in a few extra days for their vacations. 

If possible, try to plan your fullest day at Mammoth for a weekday, when fewer people have time off to enjoy their favorite winter sports. Typically, aiming for a day mid-week is best. Going out on a Tuesday or Wednesday can also help you avoid crowds of people who tend to tack on Friday or Monday to their weekend trips.

Factor in Spring Break

For the most part, March is rather uneventful. Most people have done their primary traveling over the holidays, and everyone is getting back into their normal work routines. However, there’s one big event that happens around this month, and spring break can bring in a sudden wave of people. Some students opt to go for one last winter foray rather than spend their time on a crowded beach. While the dates for spring break can vary from one school to the next, you might want to try and book your vacation during a week when it’s less likely to happen.

Hit the Hot Spots Early

There are a few perks to traveling during the busy season. For instance, you might be eager to jump into those spring break parties, but you could also prefer to avoid being stuck in line forever waiting to get on the lift. Going to the hot spots early helps you beat the crowds that tend to peak around early to mid-afternoon. You can also use this strategy to take a break during the peak crowd time to enjoy a bite to eat and get some rest before heading back out for more adventures when others are starting to go home.

Pay Attention to the Weather

In March, you’ll come across avid skiers and snowboarders who are eager to pack in just a little more fun before the snow falls for the last time. This means you can expect a rush of people heading up the slopes to take advantage of any fresh powder that comes their way. If you’re one of those people who love flying down a slope covered with fresh snow, you might feel like braving the crowds is worth it. If not, heading out after the big rush is over might be your best bet.

No matter when you visit, Mammoth Mountain has plenty of fun things to do all year long. Whether you need fishing gear, snowboarding equipment, or high-quality ski rentals in Mammoth, you’ll find everything you need at ASO Mammoth. For more information, call one of our friendly team members at 760-965-3444.