What California is Doing to Control COVID-19 and How it Affects Mammoth Mountain

With as much as we’ve learned about COVID-19 over the past year, we’re still learning how to live with COVID in the picture. The result has been changing guidelines and rules for people and businesses alike, and the only thing we know for sure is that there will be more changes coming.

That means that planning anything right now is difficult, but planning a ski trip to a mountain in another state where COVID restrictions are different than those in your own can feel impossible. To help out, the ASO Mammoth team has decided to make a guide to decipher California’s current COVID plan. There’s a ton of information to discuss here, so this guide will be a great jumping off point for more research ahead of your trip to Mammoth Mountain!

COVID19.CA.GOV is the Best Resource for California COVID Information

If you’re looking for specific information about how Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes lodging, or Mammoth Lakes restaurants are handling COVID, then you’ll have to look up their specific restrictions on their sites. We’ve written about what we know for Mammoth Mountain so far, but the rest of Mammoth Lakes could have different COVID restrictions. For general information about how California is handling COVID, check out COVID19.CA.GOV. You’ll be able to find general statistics, recommendations, and health information there that will help you plan your trip to Mammoth Mountain.

The Most Valuable Tool on COVID19.CA.GOV is the Blueprint for a Safer Economy

Even if you’re planning on spending most of your time outside at Mammoth Mountain, you’ll have to come inside to sleep and eat eventually. When you do, you’ll need to know about Mono county’s current COVID restrictions. The best way to do so is by checking COVID19.CA.GOV’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy tool.

The Blueprint for a Safer Economy tool allows you to search for the current level of COVID restrictions by county and then see what you can expect to be open and basic information about the restrictions. For Mammoth Lakes, that means you’ll want to search for Mono County. When you do, you’ll see a tiered system that designates counties from the worst infection rates to the best. If the positivity rate in a county is more than 8%, then it is considered widespread and many non-essential indoor businesses will be closed. On the other end of the spectrum, if the infection rate is less than 2% then the county is considered minimal and most indoor businesses will be open with some COVID modifications.

You’ll also see a color-coded map at the bottom of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy tool that shows a county’s status. The darker the county, the worse the infection rate there is and the more closures and restrictions you can expect.

For More Information Specific to Mammoth Lakes, Check the Mono County COVID-19 Response Site

You’ll find similar information to what you’ll see on the Blueprint for a Safer Economy tool on the Mono County COVID-19 website, but you’ll also find more information specific to Mammoth Lakes.

At the time of this post, Mono County and Mammoth Lakes are in tier 3, or the moderate tier. Infections are trending up in Mono as well as across the country, so if you’re planning on visiting Mammoth Lakes soon then pay close attention to infection rates for the next few weeks. Doing so will give you a good idea of what will be open and what type of restrictions you can expect.

As always with COVID things can change, but by using these resources you will be able to get a clear idea of what the COVID situation is like in Mammoth Lakes even if you’re not in California.

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