Is 40 Too Old to Learn How to Ski?

That ski trip might have been on your bucket list for years, but you haven’t gotten around to checking it off. Now that you’re 40, you may finally have the resources you need to make your dream come true. Entering your fourth decade of life is a milestone moment, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to give up on learning new things. You can still learn how to ski and get the most out of your lessons by following the tips offered below. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, a premier provider of snowboard and ski rental in Mammoth, offer the following advice about starting to ski at a later age.

Start Exercising before Your Trip

Skiing is hard work, and you’ll need to expect to exert some energy during your lessons. You can begin prepping your body now by doing some basic stretches and cardiovascular exercise (if you’re not doing so already), which can prevent common injuries such as ankle sprains, since your body will be adjusting to doing certain kinds of movements.

Find the Right Instructor

Learning any new skill is easier when you work with an instructor who understands your learning style. Look for an instructor who’s accustomed to working with beginners. The instructor should also be comfortable with working with adults in their 40s. Make sure to mention your age and current level of experience when you set up your lessons so you can find a good match.

Consider Private Lessons

Group lessons can involve people of a wide variety of different ages, which can have some benefits. However, you may prefer private lessons if you’re already feeling a little nervous about being an older first-time skier. Schedule a few private sessions along with your group lessons. Try doing one or two by yourself first so you feel more up to speed when you join a class.

Pay Attention to Safety Lessons

A large part of your early ski lessons will involve some basics, such as how to stay safe on the slopes. Your instructor will show you how to fall safely to avoid injuries. This is especially important for someone in your age range who may find it harder to recover from an injury. You’ll also be less likely to make an embarrassing mistake, such as getting in someone’s way.

Choose Well-Fitting Gear

The clothing you wear when you ski serves several purposes. On top of just making you look cool, your ski boots support your legs and ankles as you maintain control over your movements. Make sure to use ski equipment that fits well. You’ll find your lessons are easier, and you’ll be less likely to experience an accident.

Try It with a Friend

If you’re still finding the prospect of skiing intimidating, try talking a friend into joining you. Everything’s better when you do it with someone you know, and you can trade tips you pick up along the way.

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