7 Ways Fishing Is Good for You

Lake Mamie, Twin Lakes, and Lake George are just some of the many well-stocked lakes in the Mammoth area where you can fish. Still, you may be on the fence about spending some of your time here casting your line and vying for worthwhile catches. But before you turn your attention to camping, swimming, hiking, dining, shopping, and other Mammoth activities, consider the seven great reasons to go fishing mentioned below. If you’d like advice on where to cast your line or you need last-minute fishing supplies or licenses, stop by ASO Mammoth, your premier choice for fishing gear, high-quality equipment, and mountain bike, snowboard, and ski rentals in Mammoth.

1. You’ll Be More Relaxed

Fishing is, by nature, a relaxing activity. Become a relaxed angler in the Mammoth area by either picking a comfy spot by your preferred lake or gently drifting to the middle of a lake in a rental boat to take in the panoramic views. Naturally easing aches and pains and improving mood are some of the many mind-body benefits associated with relaxing activities like fishing.

2. Fishing Gives You a Vitamin D Boost

The sun is the most reliable source of vitamin D, a nutrient that plays a role in keeping bones, teeth, and the immune system healthy. A relaxing day of Mammoth Lakes fishing is a great way to naturally increase your vitamin D intake. Just make sure to bring sunscreen.

3. Your Concentration Might Improve

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests being in situations where more attention is paid to the outdoor environment can boost the ability to concentrate. And it’s certainly easy to get in tune with the world around you when fishing in lakes surrounded by trees, mountains, and other natural delights.

4. Fishing Could Help You Sleep Better

HealthDay News references a study indicating spending time outdoors may improve sleep. Fishing in the Mammoth area also presents many opportunities to stay active so you’ll be sufficiently ready to get a good night’s sleep. For instance, you could couple fishing with a picnic at one of the nearby spots set aside for this purpose or cap off your day with a slow and steady hike along one of Mammoth’s beginner or intermediate trails.

5. You Can Participate in Fishing-Related Events

Mammoth Lakes often hosts several events for fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels. This can be a great reason to go fishing if you enjoy friendly competition or simply mingling with other anglers. Round-Up at the Lake, Crowley Lake Perch Derby, and Hangman’s Bonus Derby Weekend are among the annual fishing-related events held in the Mammoth area.

6. Fishing Can Do Wonders for Your Self-Esteem

If you’re a new angler, you may have some hesitation about fishing. But what’s great about this particular activity is the ability to feel good about yourself, especially as you get used to things and start achieving your goals. There’s also something personally satisfying about doing things you previously thought you couldn’t do.

7. You’ll Be Creating Cherished New Memories

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not easy to stop and enjoy the good things in life. When fishing, the world slows down as you unplug and forget about text alerts and instant messages. As you relax and fish, you and your friends or family members can spend quality time together and create new memories at the same time.

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