The Rental Skis That Promise to Make You a Better Skier

When we rent out a set of skis or boots at ASO Mammoth, our goal is to always pair renters and gear so well that they can’t help but come back again for another day on the snow. People are less likely to come back if they don’t learn how to ski of course, but that’s why we love renting out Atomic skis and boots.

Atomic has been creating ski gear the performs at the highest level for decades, but they also brand themselves as gear makers that provide the stable and reliable equipment beginners need in order to learn. It’s not just branding though, and to show you what we mean we’ve written about why we’re proud to rent out Atomic ski gear below. Check it out before renting ski gear with ASO Mammoth!

The Experience Comes First

Any gear maker with a long legacy like Atomic could get by on its history and only make gear for advanced skiers. Like us here at ASO Mammoth though, Atomic shares their love of skiing by helping people discover the sport. To do so, they aim to have every experience on their skis or boots one that makes someone a better skier. In fact, Atomic promises to make those who use their gear be a better skier.

Atomic’s focus on experience before anything else is the exact mindset new skiers need to have for their first day on the snow, so we love pairing their gear with new skiers as often as we can!

Atomic Skis

Atomic Skis, Stable and Responsive

Atomic delivers on their promise to make people better skiers through innovative and unique technology. For example, one of the hardest parts of learning to ski is getting comfortable with controlling your skis. The only way you can learn is by sliding down the snow with enough speed to ride on an edge, so beginning skiers need skis that respond quickly to their movements in order to learn.

Atomic helps beginner skiers and advanced skiers alike by placing a rod inside their skis during construction. The rod is under tension, which means it’s rigidly held in place. When a skier forces the ski to bend as they turn, the rod bends with the ski. When the pressure is released though, that rod snaps back to its original position. As a result, Atomic skis respond faster to their skier’s movement. That quick response helps beginners become more comfortable on their skis, which means they become better skiers sooner.

Comfort and Performance Focused Boots

Atomic also adds innovative designs that boost performance and comfort in their boots. Atomic’s boot liners are designed to adapt to your feet. One of their most important design features is their Asymmetric Liner Construction (ASY). While that may sound like a complicated feature, ASY is as simple as building inner liners with asymmetric pieces like the tongue, collar, and toe box so that they better fit the shape of a person’s foot and ankle. Atomic goes even further to make sure its skiers are comfortable by using True Flex. We often hear people say that their ski boots became stiffer once they were out in the cold mountain air for a few hours, but Atomic uses a material called True Flex in their boot shells to make sure that their boots have the same stiffness no matter the temperature.

We love renting out Atomic ski gear because they promise to help people become better skiers, so come put their word to the test and rent Atomic skis and boots from ASO Mammoth!

Rent your Atomic gear here!

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