Mammoth Mountain’s Cancellation Policy and COVID-19

For most of us, skiing and snowboarding is an escape from daily life. Even if you can escape work or your daily routine with a trip to the slopes though, unfortunately you won’t be able to escape COVID-19’s footprint with a ski trip this year.

Mammoth Mountain and many other ski mountains across the country are mandating masks, enforcing social distancing on lifts and gondolas, and requiring that all lift tickets be sold in advance by closing walk-up windows for the season. Even then though, if the safety of Mammoth Mountain’s guests and employees is put at risk by the spread of COVID-19 then there is a chance that your reservation on the mountain will be canceled. To help take some of the uncertainty out of the situation, the ASO Mammoth team has listed what you need to know about Mammoth Mountains 2020/21 cancellation policy as well as the Ikon Pass’s policy. Check it out below, and plan to stop by ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes on your way to Mammoth Mountain!

Mammoth Mountain’s 2020/21 Cancellation Policy

The basics of Mammoth Mountain’s Cancellation policy are:

  • You can cancel or change your lift ticket reservation, lesson, or rental with Mammoth Mountain up to three full days ahead of the scheduled start date and still receive a full refund. Mammoth Mountain activities also fall under the same policy.
  • If you cancel or change your reservation within three days of your scheduled start date, then you will receive an activity change voucher that will match the value of the activity. Activity vouchers can be redeemed within one calendar year of the date they were issued.
  • Changing or cancelling a reservation for a lift ticket or any other Mammoth Mountain activity on the scheduled start day will cause a forfeit of your payment.

Of course, the main reason most people are worried about cancellation policies is because of the possibility that Mammoth Mountain closes due to a surge of COVID infections. Keep an eye out for official announcements about the mountain’s status by checking Mammoth Mountain’s website.

That’s not the only place you should look for information though, because any decision to limit capacity at or close Mammoth will likely be based on local infection rates and state-wide mandates. The best way to keep track of COVID-19 in the Mammoth Lakes area is by checking the Mono County Coronavirus Response Page. You can also see information about California’s current state-wide COVID-19 restrictions at COVID19.CA.GOV.

Ikon Pass 20/21 Cancellation Policy

If you’re an Ikon pass holder, you have other options to cover the costs of your pass through Ikon’s Adventure Assurance. If you don’t use your Ikon pass for any reason this year, you will have the option of cancelling your pass and putting the cost of it towards an Ikon pass for the 2021/22 season. You must not use your pass though, and you must defer the pass for the 2020/21 season before April 11th, 2021.

However, the most important part of Ikon’s Adventure Assurance is their coverage for mountain closures. The basics are that Ikon will give you a credit proportional to the amount of days a certain mountain or mountains are closed based on your coverage options. All Ikon passes defer to coverage for all Ikon locations, which means that you have closure coverage for all of Ikon’s mountains. If you have a home mountain, then you can change your coverage to that single location so that if that mountain closes you will receive a credit more in line with that mountain’s amount of days closed.

The Ikon system is complex, and with the cost of an Ikon pass you owe it to yourself to get all the details about their Adventure Assurance. Click here to learn more about Ikon Adventure Assurance.

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