Great Reasons to Visit Mammoth in 2023

Mammoth Mountain has much to offer at any time of the year. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this sprawling Eastern Sierra resort in 2022, it’s a good time to start making plans for a visit to Mammoth Mountain in 2023. The friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, your year-round one-stop shop for everything from fishing gear to mountain biking equipment and Mammoth snowboard rentals, go over the top reasons you should visit Mammoth in 2023 below.

Winter Fun Can Be Had Well into Spring (and Sometimes Summer)

Due to the higher elevations in the Mammoth area, it’s often possible to ski and snowboard at Mammoth Mountain for at least the first half of the year and again in mid-November. In some instances, snow-making conditions remain ideal into the early part of summer. This means you can enjoy wintertime activities during all but a small portion of 2023 when you come to Mammoth Mountain.

It’s a Family-Friendly Resort

Mammoth Mountain routinely hosts events and presents activities that are ideal for families. There’s also an Adventure Center specifically designed for kids. If you’re looking for an appealing family vacation spot in 2023, you’ll absolutely love Mammoth Mountain. Your kids can even take skiing or snowboarding lessons, enjoy refreshing treats, and have fun with the resort’s mascots.

It’s a Great Group Trip Location

Mammoth Mountain also presents events ideal for adults looking to get away to relax and unwind in 2023. Events typically included throughout the year include ones involving live music, wine, and competitions involving skiing, snowboarding, and biking. Many of these events take place on or near weekends, which gives you an opportunity to plan a long weekend group trip to Mammoth Mountain in 2023. What’s more, the resort owns and runs several properties where you can stay for the weekend, and some include luxury accommodations such as kitchens and balconies.

You Can Easily Get to the Town Near the Resort

Mammoth Mountain offers free shuttle service into the nearby town of Mammoth Lakes. This is a convenient way to enjoy the best of both worlds when visiting the Mammoth area. For example, the resort can serve as your base for an assortment of on-site activities, and you can then head into town to do a little shopping, dining, and exploring. Mammoth Lakes also has an assortment of lakes you’re also welcome to check out if you want to include fishing and other lake-based activities as part of your trip.

You Don’t Have to Ski to Have Fun Here

While Mammoth Mountain is known as a prime skiing location, you don’t have to ski to have a good time here. In fact, you can treat yourself to a scenic gondola ride to the top of the mountain. You can then enjoy some good food at the café at the summit before heading back down. The resort also has on-site shops and restaurants where you can casually enjoy a wide range of dining options.

No matter what time of year you visit Mammoth Mountain, you’re sure to find plenty of fun, relaxing ways to enjoy your stay. Whether they need fishing gear, mountain biking equipment, or high-quality ski rentals, Mammoth visitors can find everything they need at ASO Mammoth. Drop by our store on your way to the mountain or give us a call at 760-965-3444.