Where to Find Used Ski and Snowboard Gear

Buying your first set of ski or snowboard gear can be difficult and expensive, but buying your first set of gear used is even more difficult and can be a total waste of money if you buy broken gear. Still, the high costs of new equipment make buying used hard to ignore and if you do your research then you could save hundreds of dollars and ride happier better than ever.

To help your used gear experience be more of the latter, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a simple list of where to find and buy used ski and snowboard gear. Check it out below!

Gear Trade

You won’t find many large or user-friendly websites dedicated to used ski and snowboard gear, but Gear Trade is exactly that.

As with buying used gear anywhere, you have to do your research when purchasing gear on Gear Trade to make sure you don’t end up with something you’ll need to replace in the near future, but their navigable site makes doing your homework easy. Plus, if you decide that a piece of gear isn’t right for you then Gear Trade has a wide enough selection of products that you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t find the right piece of snowboard or ski gear then Gear Trade also stocks outdoor gear of all types, making it worth a visit for every outdoors enthusiast.


You probably have a pretty good idea about what Ebay is and how it works, but because of the wide variety of things sold on Ebay most skiers and snowboarders don’t think about looking there for used gear.

If you’re looking for used gear, at least give Ebay a look as the amount of gear there makes it worth a few minutes of searching. You may feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack, but with a little luck you might find the right gear at the right time and get a great deal. Remember, the more research you do ahead of time increases your chances of walking away happy.

Local Shops

Local ski shops may not be an option for people who don’t live near mountains, but if you’re lucky enough to have a shop nearby, particularly one that rents gear, then you could find excellent deals on used gear.

Along with the advice and information the employees at your local shop can give you, shopping locally also gives you the advantage of seeing used gear in person before buying. As a result, you can examine wear and tear as well as any more noteworthy damage like cracks and gashes which is a huge advantage over buying online.

Used Sports Gear Shops

 Used sports gear shops like Play It Again sports are limited by what comes into their store, so you may be hard pressed to find used ski or snowboard gear if you don’t live in an area with mountains or snow. Still, if you’re not picky and are looking for a good deal then used sports gear shops are worth a quick look since there’s always a chance you find what you need.

Ski Swaps

 Like local shops and used gear shops, ski swaps depend on if there is a healthy ski and snowboard community in your area. If there is though, all it takes is a few clicks on social media to find and follow groups that organize local gear swaps. If you put in the effort to find your local community of skiers and snowboarders, then you’ll be rewarded with a chance for a great deal as well as new friends!


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