Where to Find Mammoth Lakes Road Conditions

Mammoth Mountain’s monster winter storms and steep terrain bring people from all over to ride the best powder in the world. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the roads leading into Mammoth Lakes and the sites that cover their conditions then getting to the powder may be more challenging than riding it.

That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together a short guide to where to find Mammoth Lakes road conditions. Check it out below, then visit the ASO Mammoth shop once you’re in town for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Cal Trans Road Information Page

Cal Trans is the main source for all information regarding the roads leading into Mammoth Lakes since they’re the ones who maintain them. Accordingly, their road information page linked above is the simplest way to get information on things like chain controls and road closures.

Just about everyone who visits Mammoth Lakes will do so by driving on the 395 (even people who fly here.) To see current road conditions click the link above, type 395 into the search box, then look to the central California area section for information on the roads closest to Mammoth Lakes.

Cal Trans District 9 Twitter  

The road conditions page gives you barebones information, so if you’re looking for more details and updates about potential road openings then the Cal Trans District 9 Twitter account is the place to visit.

You’ll find more detailed information about the status of Mammoth Lakes area roads, when they could open if they’re closed, and images and videos of road conditions from those who are working to keep them safe.

Cal Trans Chain Control Information Page

Unless you’ve dealt with chain controls before then deciding what you need to get through one may be difficult. Fortunately, Cal Trans has a page (linked above) that discusses chain controls in detail.

The two most important sections are the different types of chain controls, such as R1, R2, and R3, and what to expect when you arrive at a chain control area.

Although the page linked above covers most of the important details, one thing we will emphasize here is the importance of knowing how to use your chains before you arrive at the chain control checkpoint.

Installing snow chains can be difficult in good conditions, but during a snowstorm it is even harder. It is of vital importance that you install your chains correctly so that they give you the traction you need and do not damage your car. Practice installing your chains before you leave for Mammoth, and don’t forget that you cannot drive over 30 MPH with chains on your tires!

Mammoth Mountain’s Road Conditions Page

Lastly, Mammoth Mountain has its own helpful page that gives updates on all roads leading to the mountain, so if you’re route into town is more complex than just taking the 395 you could find helpful information there!