What You Need to Know About Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

It may have taken all spring for the snow to melt, but Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is finally open.

Even though Mammoth Mountain is one of the best bike parks in the country, many people still may be unaware of what a bike park even is, much less how to enjoy one. To help you enjoy Mammoth Mountain Bike Park as much as possible, the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list of what you need to know about the park. Check it out below and start your adventure today!

Ticket Options 

If you typically ride public trails then buying a ticket to mountain bike may seem strange, but it’s just like buying a lift ticket at a ski mountain. While prices vary by availability and the date, the starting price for an adult ticket (13+) is $35.00. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has several more options though. For example, for a discounted price you can purchase a Discovery Ticket which will only give you unlimited access to the trails off of Discovery Chair. With introductory trails and the Discovery Chair at your disposal, Discovery Tickets are the perfect option for a rider who is still getting their wheels under them.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park also offers bundle deals such as ticket quad packs and the Discover Mountain Biking for 2 bundle which includes rentals and tickets for one adult and one child. Lastly, if you can’t get to the mountain until you’ve put in a day at work then Mammoth Mountain Bike Park also has a deal for you. The Twilight Ticket will give you access to the mountain after 3 pm. Twilight Tickets can only be purchased at the ticket window. 

Season Passes

If you need more time on the mountain than single tickets can give you, then Mammoth Mountain Bike Park also offers season passes for children and adults. With the purchase of a season pass, you get unlimited access to Mammoth Mountain and Snow Summit Bike Park with no blackout dates. You also get 10% off rentals at each bike park as well as three free days of riding at Ikon Pass mountains that also have bike parks such as Winter Park, Steamboat, Blue Mountain and Snowshoe.

The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park season pass will also let you share the fun. With the purchase of a season pass, you’ll also get two half-off single-day tickets to share with your family and friends.

Mountain Biking Lessons

If you’d like a mountain biking professional to guide you as you learn about the sport and how to ride, then lessons are the answer for you.

Even if you’ve been riding for years, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has a lesson for you. For beginners, they offer an intro to trail riding lesson that helps students transition from riding on the sidewalk to riding down the mountain. For more advanced riders, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park also offers an introduction to berms and jumps lesson for intermediate and advanced riders. In these lessons the students not only learn how to improve their downhill and freeride technique, but they also learn how to properly hit features on the trail.

Lastly, as the world of e-bikes continues to grow Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has responded by offering e-bike rentals and lessons on the mountain. If you’re curious about e-biking and what it can do for you, then check out the Mammoth Mountain e-bike lessons offered daily. If none of these options fit what you’re looking for, then you can always book a private lesson and jump start your skills!

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