What Type of Bikes Can You Ride at Mammoth Bike Park?

Mountain biking looks simple, but there’s much more than meets the eye when riding at a world-class park like Mammoth Bike Park.

Still, when you have a place like Mammoth Bike Park in your back yard you can’t help but want to share it. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has written a short guide to what type of bikes you can ride at Mammoth Bike Park. Keep reading to learn more and then stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for fast and easy mountain bike rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Town Bike

Want a smooth ride that allows you to focus more on the beauty around you while riding around Mammoth Bike Park or Mammoth Lakes in general?

A town bike is the choice for you.

Town bikes have relaxed frames and other designs which make them easy to cruise around paved paths and flat trails. That’s why town bikes are best for riding around the Lakes Basin, Mammoth Lakes, or the Mountain Center at Mammoth Bike Park. 

Hardtail Bikes

If you’ve seen the trails and bumps at Mammoth Bike Park then you may hesitate to ride on something called a hardtail, but we promise that this bike is one of the best for beginner mountain bikers.

A hardtail bike is one that only has suspension on the front wheel. As the name implies, the rear wheel of a hardtail bike is less forgiving than other bikes. However, the hardtail design also allows for the rider to hit a rock or bump and have the bike absorb more of the shock.

In fact, hardtail bikes are known for being extremely versatile thanks to their steady rear wheel and shock-absorbing front wheel. That’s why they’re the most common type of mountain bike for beginner and intermediate riders

Cross-Country Bike

Cross-Country bikes are designed to be just as agile and smooth when climbing up a trail as fast as the rider can pedal while also being able to fly down trails.

That combination of speed and stability is why cross-country bikes are as popular as they are, and their lighter frames and design means that they’re also easier to move. There are other design differences between a cross-country bike and other mountain bike types, but know that a cross-country bike is the bike for you if you want to cover as much ground as possible!

Downhill Bikes

If you want to have as much fun as possible though, then a downhill or trail mountain bike will be the bike for you!

These bikes are designed for jumps, bumps, and drops, which is why they’re typically ridden by advanced or professional riders. Mammoth Bike Park has plenty of thrilling terrain to ride, so if you’re an advanced rider then check out a downhill bike!

E-Mountain Bikes

Lastly, e-mountain bikes are also allowed on certain trails at Mammoth Bike Park, so try one out if you’ve never ridden one and would like to see how an extra motor can change your mountain biking!